e Abraham family was almost completely wiped out. More than half of the few powerful sealed objects were lost, with only three remaining. Lawrence’s half-brother Richard died as a result.

Butis received great benefits. Not only did he collect the extraordinary materials he needed, but with the help of the “True Creator”, he successfully overcame obstacles and entered the demigod sequence, becoming one of the five saints of the Aurora Society. Saint”.
After the disaster, the rebuilt Abraham Family Presbyterian Church reflected on its actions over the past many years, but could not find a solution to the problem. Negativity, decadence, despair and other emotions enveloped the hearts of the few remaining family members.
Lawrence didn’t want to be in such an environment, and didn’t want to face the sighs and depressing atmosphere every day. He found an excuse to leave the Presbyterian Church and came to Backlund to find his other half-brother Roberto and his half-brother Sam. .
Now, he suddenly realized that he seemed to be the only one left in his father’s group.
He himself was nearly eighty years old, and all his children died in the disaster caused by Butis.
Just thinking about these things made him feel sad and unstoppable.
/What pained him the most was that he couldn’t see the hope of revenge or the dawn of the family’s glory again.
“I am already very old, and I have been traumatized before. I don’t dare to use extraordinary abilities unless necessary. It will cause loss of control, or a curse will befall the Abraham family. Where is the future?” Lawrence picked up the Filmor coffee and drank it. After a while, he fell into a long silence.
Returning to the rented house, Forsi immediately entered the bedroom and locked the wooden door.
She sat on the edge of the bed, adjusted her posture, and whispered the honorable name that represented hope and the future:
“You are a fool who does not belong to this age;”
“You are the mysterious master above the gray fog;”
“You are the yellow and black king of good luck.”
“I want to pray to you and state what happened to me today.”
“I met the brother of the husband of the old lady who made me an apprentice. He was suspected to be a member of a certain family.”
“I concealed things related to the mysterious field, but I am worried that he has extremely strong divination abilities and can find out the complete truth.”
At this time, Klein was just above the gray fog.
He saw the crimson star representing the “Magician” expanding outwards, making ripples, and heard the layers of prayers spreading.
After figuring out the specific details, Klein tapped his fingers on the edge of the ancient long table and said silently to himself:
“You are very cautious and know how to ask the fool for help.”
“Furthermore, your guess is correct. The sequence 7 corresponding to the apprentice is called Astrologer.”
Having been studying the Book of Secrets recently, he quickly formulated a plan that could help the other party interfere with the divination plan through rituals.
“I have t