the house at No. 15 Xiangshu Avenue, sticking to the ground and moving quickly into the distance.

“Fire” and “Steel” Maiviti recalled the scene of the previous failed ambush.
“Danis” Huntley also recognized who this guy was who was trying to escape with his miraculous ability.
Squall was stunned for a moment, then understood:
“Either Lieyan Daniz wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to escape from the control of the Punisher, or he had another trap to deal with us. In the end, he provoked the Punisher for some reason, so he had to give up decisively and run away in a hurry.”
/“No matter what, this is an opportunity.” “Bloody Thorns” Huntley looked at the “Punisher” who had just rushed into the house and said, “As long as we seize those short few tens of seconds, we can be on behalf of others.” Kill or take away the flames before the punisher’s eyes.”
“Steel” McVitie became excited and his eyes became extremely crazy.
After Squall nodded, he said to the other two Beyonders:
“You take my living corpses and puppets and guard this position. Once the punishment agent comes after you, let them create chaos and escape by yourself.”
“Yes, boss.” The two extraordinary pirates jumped off the “flying carpet” at the same time as the living corpses and puppets.
The peacock blue carpet turned a corner and caught up with “Blaze” Daniz.
“You assist us, mainly to guard against the surroundings. I’m worried that Daniz may have other helpers.” Squall seized the moment and said to “Bloody Thorn” Huntley.
A smile appeared on Huntley’s slightly pale face:
Squall said no more and nodded to “Iron” Maiviti.
Relying on the advantage of being at a commanding height, Maiviti could distinguish the redundant shadows with almost no abnormalities, and judge the direction in which the target was traveling.
He suddenly jumped off the “flying carpet” and landed heavily on the ground like a boulder. White frost condensed on the soles of his feet, and the cold and transparent ice quickly spread to the sides.
The black shadow was immediately frozen in the corner
With a click, “Fire Flame” Daniz struggled to break free and “grew” out of the shadows.
Huntley on the flying carpet cooperated well and dropped the things he had held in his hands for a long time, which were green leaves, flowers and thorns.
The leaves, petals, and thorns either grew in size crazily, or connected together, clinging to and entangling “Fire Flame” Daniz, making it difficult for him to move even an inch.
Squall took the opportunity to jump out of the flying carpet, and using the momentum of his fall, he inserted the sharp scalpel in his right palm into Daniz’s neck.
He held the handle of the knife with his right hand, turned it around, and came to the back of the target.
Daniz’s head suddenly fell, and his body quickly shrank, turning into a thin, tattered paper man.
/At the same time, “Steel” Maiviti felt an indescribable strong sense of hunger, and felt like it was like a terrifying monster lurking in the darkness, watching him quietly