Museum, a high-sequence powerhouse of the Rose School, “008”, ” 142″, Ince Zangwill, the mutated Holy Emblem of the Sun, the Antigonus family notes, Mr. Azik Eggers, who is suspected to be a descendant of the God of Death, Mr. “Gate”, the names of the Twilight Hermits in Klein’s The thoughts flashed through his mind, and every time he counted one, it made him want to take a breath.

He calmed down and thought carefully:
“This does not include the True Creator and the Eternal Blazing Sun who are above these. Strictly speaking, I myself can also be ranked in this category. After all, I came because of black divination and mastered the strange gray mist. Is this the soul of another world? It is the cusp of another era after Russell, so demigods and terrifying sealed objects will enter real life one after another.”
As Klein’s thoughts flickered, reporter Mike and surgeon Allen, who were in a heavy mood, took their leave one after another, and he left the cemetery unhurriedly.
Just as he was looking around for a taxi, a familiar carriage drove out from a hidden place and stopped in front of him.
Although the coat of arms on the black carriage was skillfully obscured, Klein could still recognize it as Prince Edsac’s carriage at a glance.
In silence, the car door opened, and the old butler with his hair carefully combed came down and made a polite gesture of invitation:
“His Royal Highness is waiting for you.”
“Okay.” Klein entered the spacious and warm car without any guilt.
Prince Edsac wore a dark blue coat with a large collar, and his chest was made up of golden ribbons, which made him look extremely noble.
He touched the diamond lapel pin, his narrow eyes filled with a sigh:
/“Even when I attended my friend’s funeral, I was restricted. I couldn’t attend directly. I could only watch from a distance. I could only send someone to lay flowers for me. This is the lack of freedom of the royal family.”
“If Talim’s grandfather had not lost his title, you shouldn’t have anything to avoid.” Klein followed Prince Edsac’s gesture and sat across from him.
Edsac picked up the blood-red Olmir wine and said:
“Hey, I originally planned to find an opportunity to help Talim’s father restore a certain title, but it’s a pity.”
He went deeper into the topic and asked:
“Sherlock, did you receive that package?”
“Yes.” Klein answered whatever he asked without giving too much description.
Edsac nodded lightly and said:
“Any progress”
“I did several divination using Talim’s hair, flesh and personal belongings, but the conclusion I got was that he died of a sudden heart disease.” Klein used a smooth narration without emotion to crazyly hint that “I sequence Not high”, “My level is limited”, “Although I am good at divination, the other party is more powerful”, “I will definitely not be able to investigate the truth”, etc.
Edsac showed an expression of disappointment that could not be concealed, sighed and said:
“How are you going to investigate next?”
“Start with the people Talim came in contact with and the places he visited