, and there were no chairs.

Its greatest advantage was that it had windows, and the harbor sunlight shone in, casting pure golden flecks on the table and bedside.
“The crew member just said that the washroom and shower room are shared, about eight rooms each. If you are too anxious, you can provide a wooden toilet, but you have to pay the cleaning fee, which is 3p a time. I have to thank the white onyx The ship has been renovated, many metal pipes have been laid, and there are boilers burning and hot water supply, providing a relatively convenient lifestyle, otherwise traveling would not be a pleasant thing.” Klein sighed silently.
He quickly took out the necessary items and placed them on the table for daily access.
After finishing cleaning, he sat on the edge of the low bed, listened to the long whine of the whistle, and felt the power from steam and machinery contained inside.
The ship began to sail. Klein looked at the sea view outside the window for a while, then gradually recovered his thoughts and began to consider the most important thing next, which was how to play the “faceless man”.
When facing the advent ceremony of the “True Creator” and the powerful Mr. A, his decision to give up escaping and trying to sabotage allowed him to digest the potion a little. Based on this feedback, he gained some new understanding of the role of the “Faceless Man” .
“You can pretend to be anyone, but you can only be yourself. This is the code that Secret Puppet Master Rosago is asked to remember. I initially thought that I was referring to my original identity, but now it seems that this is not perfect enough. What is oneself? We must really understand it.” Klein leaned forward, bathing in the sunlight, like a statue thinking.
After a while, he gradually came up with an idea:
“Does this correspond to one’s own spirit? It refers to the truest self in the heart.
“Even when he was on Earth, Zhou Mingrui had many disguises to form a social personality mask. In a sense, this was very false.
“Well, when I look like someone else and replace their identity, in order not to be discovered, I have to disguise myself in interpersonal relationships, which is equivalent to wearing a different personality mask.
“When all the personal masks are removed and there are no more residues, what kind of self will the faceless man finally see?
“This is the deep meaning of that code
“When I face my inner thoughts, conquer my fears, and challenge the impossible for social reasons, I truly become myself.
“To be explored and verified”
/Thinking of this, Klein changed his position in order to sit more comfortably.
After reviewing all the previous events, he discovered another problem with acting:
“When I was in the underground ruins, I disguised myself as Ins Zangwill and successfully escaped from the predicament, but why didn’t I feel any signs of digestion from the potion?
“Does this mean that in order to digest the faceless man’s potion, this shallow disguise is not enough?
“Well, this is closer to the application of extraordinary