archment book.

Not long after waiting, Klein found himself suddenly in a world of white ice and snow.
The strong wind carrying ice slag and goose feather snowflakes slapped Klein’s face and body, causing him to involuntarily tense up and tremble slightly while looking at the surrounding environment. \
“It’s so cold.” He almost cursed. He was sure that he was in a field of ice and snow with extremely high visibility.
He originally thought that Backlund’s damp and cold winter was the most terrifying thing, but now he finally understood that the absolute low temperature and the knife-like wind were a fatal combination. Even if he had put on a sweater before coming here, the coat was still thick. The long dress I was wearing felt a little unbearable at this time.
This time he did not wear the “sun brooch” because it produced heat at the spiritual level, which was effective in fighting the effects of strong cold in a short period of time and preventing the body from becoming stiff, and could be used in the face of long-term stress. The existing ice and snow environment is equivalent to a suicidal spiritual level of heat that will cause the body to open its pores and be in a summer state, removing the last layer of defense against low temperatures, and even actively welcoming it.
Therefore, Klein threw this magical item above the gray mist, preparing to bring it down when needed for specific occasions.
/The harsh environment did not allow him to delay. After initially observing the surrounding situation, he immediately burned the blood on the copper knife and stuffed it into his pocket. Then, Klein took out the “Adventurer Harmonica” and tried to play it. .
/In the howling wind, he quietly turned on his spiritual vision and failed to see the messenger lady Renette Tinichole appear.
Sure enough, this place is not connected to the spiritual world, or in other words, there may be a unique spiritual world of its own. Well, it seems that praying to the “Poseidon” has no effect. Only spells pointing to the mysterious space above the gray fog can penetrate. permeable barrier
So here comes the question. As a believer in the God of Knowledge and Wisdom, Edwina holds the honorable name of this true God. Why didn’t she try to pray for help? Or rather, it didn’t work if she tried.
He immediately put down the harmonica, took out the paper stained with Daniz’s fresh blood, and wrapped it around the top of the cane.
“Danitz’s location.”
Klein spoke in a low voice and used the “Divination Rod to Find Persons”.
Then, based on the results, he stepped on the thick snow, quickly walked through the raging wind under the gloomy sky, and divination again from time to time to adjust the direction. After all, Daniz would not wait where he was, what would happen? Sculpted in ice.
About ten minutes later, Klein discovered a flash of red fire.
He breathed out, took a few steps forward, and saw the target clearly.
That was indeed Daniz. The well-known pirate was wearing quite thin clothes. He was walking forward blankly with his arms