ed by others:

He said that he would find a way so that “Justice” and “The Hanged Man” could “ask for leave” in advance and miss the party if they really couldn’t escape or encountered other situations.
For Klein in the past, this was an almost unsolvable problem. He couldn’t manually build an instant messaging network for another world. The wired telegraph method would expose itself.
And now, he suddenly found inspiration from ritual magic:
“Ritual magic that relies on external force is to pray for help from different beings. The beginning of similar spells will definitely have a clear direction, such as the God of Night, the Crimson Lord, or descriptions of those unknown and secret existences.”
“Then can I modify the spell so that the description at the beginning points to me?”
/“Point to me”
“In this way, even if the ceremony of Justice and the Hanged Man is held in a foreign country, I can still obtain the corresponding information.”
Klein suddenly became energetic and began to analyze the feasibility of this method:
Klein paced back and forth, pondering possible solutions.
/With silent footsteps, he turned around and around, naturally connecting this matter with the mysterious world above the gray mist.
“Just because I can’t receive the request doesn’t mean that the gray fog can’t do it. The combination of it and the crimson stars can directly pull people into space, regardless of distance.”
“You can consider tying me to that mysterious space when making directional descriptions.”
“According to this line of reasoning, although I cannot receive the request immediately when the other party holds a ceremony, I can see the corresponding information as long as I enter the gray fog.”
“To put it simply, it is the difference between online and offline messages on QQ.”
The more Klein thought about it, the more excited he became, thinking that this idea could be tried.
“Well, what description should be used to accurately point to me, to that gray fog world?” He began to think about the specific details.
In fact, he has a spell that can definitely succeed, which is the pure Luen transliteration of “Fusheng Xuanhuang Tianzun”, but the problem is that this will cause him to lose control over the gray fog and lose his dominant position, so he can only rule out .
“Not the Fool from another world. This is accurate enough. There will be almost no other existence that meets the conditions, but it will expose my biggest secret.” Klein thought of one spell after another, but he denied himself.
“A fool who does not belong to this era.”
This was obviously not accurate enough, so Klein quickly added another paragraph:
“The mysterious master above the gray fog.”
The combination of the two can almost be limited to him, and it binds the gray mist to himself.
“It’s still a little short. We can’t rule out that there are multiple spaces and masters above the gray fog. We can’t rule out that this description points to the spirit world.” Klein frowned, planning to add another layer of insurance.
Well, he thought about it