of the previous chapter for details.

Klein was overjoyed, and a long-lost excitement emerged.
After leaving Backlund for nearly four months and experiencing many things, he finally arrived at the destination of this “trip” and met the last condition needed to be promoted to Sequence 5 “Secret Puppet Master”
The anxiety and annoyance in his heart caused by waiting has been growing since entering this sea area. The various things that happened on the “Future” may seem ridiculous, but when you think about it, they are extremely horrifying. The dangers and unknowns contained in the three states of night, noon, and dream made him tense up and spend every hour and every minute in agony.
Now, these emotions and pressures finally have a chance to be released.
Hu Klein exhaled slowly, returned to the cabin directly, and entered his own room.
Without panicking or getting carried away, he followed the predetermined procedure and took out the Azik bronze whistle and the Will Ascetin paper crane, using them to interfere with the possible peeking of the “Mysterious Queen”.
He took out the remaining spirituality of the ancient ghost, the eyes of the six-winged gargoyle, the bark of the dragon-marked tree, and the metal bottle containing Sunia’s golden spring water from the suitcase, and unfolded them behind the desk. He entered the bathroom and locked the room. Door, skillfully arranged a ceremony to pray for blessings.
After completing this ritual, he did not rush to respond above the gray mist. Instead, he arranged an additional ritual and summoned his own ritual.
After walking four steps backward and chanting a mantra in a low voice, Klein arrived above the gray mist, responded to the summoning ceremony, and came to the real world in a spirit state, bringing the “Fire” gloves back to that mysterious space.
/After finishing the preliminary work, Klein did not relax. He came to the Fool’s position, took out a pen and paper, and quickly wrote a divination statement:
“The one singing in front is the mermaid.”
Taking off the citrine pendant, he used divination to confirm the situation:
The person singing in front of the “Future” is the mermaid
After calming down, Klein waved and made the iron cigarette box fly out of the pile of debris and land on the long mottled ancient bronze table.
With a snap, he opened the lid and saw the “total black eye” without pupils still lying quietly inside. The ultimate madness and danger were vaguely palpable, but it was like a deep sleep.
After staring quietly for two seconds, Klein picked up the “Fire” glove and slowly put it on his right palm.
/After completing all this, Klein did not hesitate anymore, stretched out his right palm forward and spread his five fingers.
All kinds of light groups suddenly appeared on the scene before his eyes. Gray white, bronze green, deep red and black formed the main tone of this mysterious space.
And within the “Eye of Total Blackness”, the steaming, claw-like iron-black light is wrapping around all the remaining colors.
Without relying o