said they wanted to support them, but when it came to taking concrete actions, everyone resisted.

To put it nicely, it means we are discussing, but to put it worse, it means making excuses to avoid wasting our strength.
It’s only March, and there are still four full months until July. It will take four months for the Human Alliance meeting to be held.
If we wait for all countries to finish wrangling and come up with a proper plan to send troops, we don’t know how long it will take.
Deep down in his heart, Joseph II could not help but greet his ancestors. Why do you want to watch the show during the last orc invasion? If you take action to help the Alpha Kingdom earlier, you won’t put your own family in danger!
Only by personally experiencing the cruelty of the orc invasion can we know how good it is to have someone blocking the knife in front. It’s a pity that time cannot be turned back, and now the Warhammer Kingdom can only bite the bullet on its own.
He wouldn’t mind supporting the Alpha Kingdom in regaining its lost territory if possible. Joseph can guarantee that the nobles of the Warhammer Kingdom will not be jealous this time.
Especially the nobles in the border areas have been tortured so hard by the orcs in recent decades that many small and medium-sized nobles are almost unable to support themselves.
If the Warhammer Kingdom had not followed the example of its neighbors and subsidized the nobles in border areas, it is estimated that many small and medium-sized nobles on the verge of bankruptcy would have no choice but to abandon their territories and run away.
The situation is so critical, and the human race is still busy fighting among themselves. At another time, if the Franks wanted to target the Holy See, he would definitely not mind adding fuel to the fire.
It’s great fun to question the Pope’s illegality. If you don’t participate, you are simply not a qualified king.
When it comes to the struggle between royal power and divine power, there is no need to consider where a king sits.
But not now, the Warhammer Kingdom needs support. Any struggle that occurs within the human race will weaken the support of the major forces for them.
The Kingdom of Alpha had a falling out with the Holy See, but the Warhammer Kingdom had not yet broken with the Holy See. For the sake of his own interests, Joseph II had to come out and call for a timeout.
/Unfortunately, his right to speak seems to be somewhat insufficient. They are both one of the top ten kingdoms in the mainland. The Frankish Kingdom is the dominant one, the Alpha Kingdom is also ranked in the top three, but the Warhammer Kingdom is at the bottom.
Even the title of “Top Ten Kingdoms” was given by a few of them. In fact, there is still a big gap between the previous kingdoms and the Warhammer Kingdom.
/As for the human kingdoms behind, let alone that. The water inside is not that big. Being able to call a kingdom does not necessarily mean it is powerful. It may also mean that its ancestors are awesome.
“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs