ts to gain international prestige, but it does not have the courage to spend huge sums of money on these empty-headed Balao ceremonies.

“It is also an honor for me to visit your country!
Prince Peter responded with a smile.
Anyway, they didn’t know each other. After a few polite words, Hudson invited the delegation to the welcome banquet.
The layout of the banquet could only be regarded as quite satisfactory, but the standards were still very high. Caesar IV was present in person, and many ministers from the kingdom also appeared at the banquet.
It’s just that as the protagonist, Prince Peter, his mind is not on the banquet at all. No amount of delicious food is as important as the mission.
What’s more, due to limited funds, the food standards of Alpha Kingdom are actually not very good. The monster meat used is only the hybrid offspring of artificially raised monsters and domestic animals.
/There is no way, Warcraft is a strategic resource in the Alpha Kingdom.
Now, as long as the Warcraft is captured, as long as it has decent fighting ability, it will either be retained by the local nobles or sent to the Warcraft Legion.
Of course, the meat quality of wild monsters is actually not very good. When putting it on the table, the main focus is on the presentation, rather than simply pursuing the taste.
“Marshal Hudson, your country’s culture is really unique!”
Prince Peter joked.
These are all facts. Compared with other countries on the mainland, the culture of the Alpha Kingdom is also unique.
In any world, others are excluded. The kingdom is eager to export politics and culture, but it actually wants to change this dissonance.
“A place of water and soil can nourish a person.
Your Highness, you will get used to it gradually.
In fact, we are not as rigid as you think, for example: this banquet.
Because there are many wars, our important banquets are usually mixed with discussions on military affairs, so no noble ladies participate.
If it were an ordinary banquet, it would actually be similar to your country, not as serious as it is now. ”
Hudson explained with a smile.
If you don’t want to change yourself, then change others. This is the pride of a big country!
The Principality of Moxi has already become Alpha, and the three countries in the Central Continent are in the process of becoming Alpha. If the Kingdom of Avalat also follows the Alpha process, then the mainstream of the Aslant continent in the future may be Alpha transformation.
Racial conflicts cover up ideological disputes, but that does not mean that these conflicts do not exist. If one day the human race dominates the continent, these issues will become a new focus of conflict.
“Marshal Hudson, your country’s achievements in recent years have attracted the attention of the world. However, I still have a question that I would like to ask.
If one day the Orc Empire is destroyed and the race war suddenly ceases, where will the Alpha Kingdom go? ”
Prince Peter asked with concern.
/The more I study the institutional structure of the