Cattleya pursed her lips and said:
“She’s on board”
“Yes.” Klein turned his head, looked at “Admiral of the Stars” and said casually, “You have deep feelings for her.”
Cattleya’s expression was no longer confused and dull, she bit her lip and smiled self-deprecatingly:
“I have been with her since I was less than three years old. Haha, this is what they said. I no longer have any specific impression.
/“She taught me knowledge, held my hand in adventures, and watched me grow up little by little. To me, she is both a captain, a teacher, and, still, a mother.”
Cattleya was suddenly silent as she spoke.
Looking at the silent Cattleya, Klein suddenly felt a little embarrassed.
He didn’t speak again, turned around, jumped off the boulder, and walked into the black monastery through the half-open door.
In the square surrounded by dim towers and buildings, there were still a few piles of remnants of the battle. Huge arrows were stuck on the ground, their tails swaying slightly due to the wind.
Frank Lee was still digging a hole to plant something, but instead of food, there was a pool of mud-like flesh and blood at his feet.
“What experiments are you going to use them for?” Klein couldn’t help but ask as he passed by.
Frank smiled excitedly and said:
“very many
“For example, only one cow can meet the meat requirements of the entire ship. Every time a part is cut off, it can grow back.”
Why is it that Niu Klein couldn’t find the words to respond for a moment, so he could only silently draw a crimson moon in his heart.
Passing by Captain Ottolov who was sitting on the ground reading a book, Nina who was very drunk and seemed to have a tendency to take off her clothes, and Histoll who was quietly hiding in the shadows of the corner, Klein walked into the building surrounded by various Frescoes cover the surface of the hall.
At some point, Anderson Hood materialized an easy chair and was lying leisurely on it, admiring the extremely religious and sacred paintings on the dome.
“Hey, I finally have to leave this damn sea. It only takes two or three alternations of noon and night.” Seeing Gehrman Sparrow coming in, the “strongest hunter” sighed sincerely, “As long as I can leave here smoothly, I don’t have to worry about any remaining problems.”
Klein originally wanted to tell the other party to shut up directly, but hearing that he seemed to be only targeting himself and not involving others, he didn’t bother to care and asked casually:
“You are from Intis”
“Barely so, my father is from Intis and my mother is from Segar.” Anderson replied eagerly.
Klein walked a few steps forward:
“Then do you believe in the Eternal Sun, the God of Steam and Machinery, or the God of Knowledge and Wisdom?”
/Anderson’s expression suddenly became a little strange:
“I originally believed in the God of Knowledge and Wisdom, but their pastor is so hateful. Just because he failed in the exam, he ignored my ordinary handsome face and looked at me like a fool. Bah, I’m just comparing It’s just a partial subject. My IQ is n