“No, Selina, there’s something wrong with you. Your magic mirror divination has attracted bad things.”
“Really?” Selina, supported by Elizabeth, sat weakly on the edge of the bed, rubbing her temples and said, “I just remember that I just started the magic mirror divination.”
Elizabeth said half truthfully:
“You just seemed like a different person. You in the mirror were even a little different from you in reality. I was very scared. I took you into the bedroom on the pretext of giving you a surprise, grabbed your mirror, and smashed it on the floor. On the carpet, and then, you passed out.”
“Goddess bless you, you are normal now”
“I, I don’t remember,” Selena murmured with a pale face.
The more she thought about it, the more her mind went blank and the more scared she felt.
Subconsciously, she looked up at the desk and found that the arrangement there was obviously different from before.
Selena thought hard about what happened, and could only vaguely remember a figure wearing a black tuxedo and a half-high silk hat. He was not strong or tall, but quite upright.
“Selena.” Elizabeth said solemnly, “The last time I went to the underground trading market to buy amulets, I met an occult expert. He told me that at any time, do not ask anyone other than the seven gods. Please pray, otherwise it will inevitably lead to disaster. Promise me not to try again. I didn’t even know if I could save you just now.”
Selina was also frightened and nodded hurriedly:
“No, I will never try again.”
“Well, what is the meaning of the incantation in your magic mirror divination? If I have a chance to meet that occult expert again, I will help you ask for advice.” Elizabeth asked pretending to be casual.
Selena rubbed her temples, thought for a while and said:
“The lingering heroic spirit, the retinue of the true Creator, the eyes that stare into destiny.”
Da da da.
As Klein walked down the stairs, he carefully sorted out the folds of his clothes and dusted them off.
Then, he took off his half-high silk hat, carried a black cane inlaid with silver, and walked slowly back to the long dining table.
“Where have you been for almost ten minutes?” Selena’s brother Chris just folded his cards and asked sideways.
Klein smiled and said:
“The bathroom, then went to the second floor to meet some ladies and ladies.”
“I appreciate your directness.” Chris praised.
He has red hair and a short stature inherited from his family. He wears a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. He has a very capable temperament and is an excellent solicitor.
If you knew that I went to the second floor and knocked your sister out, you would definitely not say that. Klein said modestly:
“Just discussing some academic issues.”
He put his hat away, returned to his seat, waited until the next hand started, and got two hole cards.
/Lifting the corner of the edge, he saw a king of spades and an ace of diamonds.
His luck has turned around. This is a reward for doing good deeds. Klein took out the copper coins and prepared to place a bet.
/Since Heinas did