be Major General Kilger really left because of urgent matters, and we cannot delay everyone’s vacation. Let’s continue with the hunting arrangement and return when the police arrive.”

Because Major General Qunaskerg’s companion Fran Mikaic put forward the reason of urgency, and it was very convincing. Congressman Macht and others agreed with Dwayne Dantès’s opinion and left here one after another.
Hazel walked at the end and looked at the guest bedroom where Major General Qunaskerg lived and the room next to it. She always felt that something was not in harmony, and subconsciously wanted to use the ability of “Decryption Scholar” to reconstruct the situation there.
However, a strong fear emerged deep in her heart, and she didn’t know what she was afraid of, so she finally gave up the plan.
She vaguely felt that she had some experience in similar things, and those experiences told her not to look at things that she shouldn’t see, and don’t listen to sounds that she shouldn’t hear.
After all the guests and servants left this floor, in the room next to Qionas’ guest bedroom, a thick carpet carrying a coffee table suddenly moved.
It pulled its body out from under the sofa and coffee table little by little without causing much movement.
Then, the yellow-brown one stood upright, revealing the other side.
It was like solidified flesh and blood!
As the flesh and blood squirmed and reorganized, the carpet quickly transformed into a person, a young man with a mixed-race appearance.
This is Dwayne Dantès’ valet Enuni.
/And now Dwayne Dantès is followed by Qonas Korg. They have the same face and the same figure!
For Klein, there is actually no need for the “winner” Enyuni to disguise himself in this way, change into something else, mix among the servants, and use illusions to interfere with their senses so that they cannot notice that there is an extra person. It is a simpler and more reliable method, but “acting” is still important to a demigod. It is one of the keys to speeding up the digestion of potions and fighting against out-of-control and crazy tendencies. Therefore, Klein handles the details of many things. On the other hand, I will deliberately seek “cunning”.
Of course, he didn’t want to hurt innocent people. Even if he created a weird and terrifying atmosphere, he would try not to let others notice it, lest they become overly frightened and leave psychological trauma.
That weird and terrifying atmosphere is mainly used to make him identify with the potion in his body. This will undoubtedly speed up the progress of his digestion, but the lack of feedback from the audience means that the “acting” is not complete enough. The speed of digestion of the “Cunning Mage” potion will definitely not be as fast as expected. Even if he has done so many things and performed so many performances, Klein does not feel that he has the possibility of hitting Sequence 3 within this year.
Backlund East District, in a two-bedroom rental house.
Xio sat on a chair that was not stable enough, looking out the window in a daz