nned to give up.

He glanced at the increasingly heavy rain outside the arcade and thought uncontrollably:
“How should I punish Ernes? Although he probably did it following orders or hints, it’s still hateful.
“As for Mr. Nibais, I don’t have that ability now. Wait for me, wait for me to become a marquis or a duke, and I will definitely make him pay the price.
“Miss Magician has completed the exploration of the abandoned castle. I don’t know if there is any vampire surveillance sent by Lord Nibais. Judging from her tone, description and the feedback given by Mr. Fool, there should be no such thing as Nibais.” Mr. Si didn’t send any vampires to go around that castle, but why is there any need to test it? Or maybe I missed it because of some issues.”
While his thoughts were swirling, Emlyn felt that he should find someone to discuss how to punish Ernes Boyar. He really lacked similar experience.
/Subconsciously, the first candidate that came to his mind was “The Hanged Man”. This senior member of the Tarot Club was experienced and extremely reliable in all matters, and never let down the other members.
After hesitating for a few seconds, Emlyn self-denied this choice because it involved testing each other within the Vampire Clan, and disclosing it to the members of the Tarot Society before the results were obtained would damage his pride and the overall image of the Vampire Clan.
For the same reason, he ruled out “The World.”
Of course, he felt that he should be able to guess what kind of advice “the world” would give:
/There is no need to go to this level. Emlyn muttered in his heart, and while wandering aimlessly behind Ernes Boyar, he expanded the candidates for discussion to the real world.
Then he discovered that he didn’t have many targets to choose from, and he had almost no friends.
After excluding his parents who were both vampires, there were only two people he could consider, one was Father Utravsky of the Harvest Church, and the other was the great detective Sherlock Moriarty who had many mysterious methods.
“Sherlock has not returned from Backlund yet. Hey, we can only find the priest tomorrow, but we can’t say it so directly.” Emlyn quickly made a decision, passed Ernes Boyar who entered the clock shop, and walked towards the end of the arcade. , where several cabs were waiting.
After getting on the carriage and feeling the wheels turning, Emlyn casually cast his gaze toward the window and saw more and more rain hitting the glass intensively, dragging traces one after another to the bottom.
In his blurred vision, carriages drove past.
Audrey looked away from the rainy scene outside the carriage window, glanced at the personal maid Anne, and silently communicated with Susie squatting next to her.
She said with her eyes, expressions and subtle body movements:
We’re almost home, and I’m a little nervous.
Susie shook her tail, raised her paws, fiddled with the gold-rimmed glasses hanging around her neck, and combined the color changes at the etheric and mental levels to express her meani