opinion, this was an extra gain in itself. If he could have one, he would be able to earn it. He and Klein would split the two equally, one for each person.” Luck Stealer” charm.

After expressing his attitude, he asked curiously:
/“Old man, do you think Klein has turned the Worm of Time into a talisman?”
He remembered very clearly that in order to find out who Emlyn White was serving, the old man parasitized a “worm of time” in the “Tinder” glove, but the contact was lost subsequently, and it had no effect at all. Now look at it again In this matter, just from the close relationship between Emlyn White and Sherlock Moriarty, he could easily figure out the truth and understand that the “worm of time” was manipulated by the top brass of the secret organization, and even them The “Fool” he believed in eliminated himself, and there was a high probability that it would be given to Klein. Otherwise, this former colleague would be unlikely to know the existence of the “Insect of Time”.
Pales Zoroaster suddenly said “ha”:
“If he hadn’t already used it and witnessed the effect, why would he take the initiative to mention it and hope to get more
“Okay, I’m going to start separating the Worm of Time. This will make me sleep for at least two weeks. If you have any questions, find someone to answer them yourself.”
After saying that, without giving Leonard a chance to ask questions now, he radiated his spirituality, created a ball of light, and “hanged” in Leonard’s mind, pretending that he didn’t want to speak.
Leonard laughed dryly like a reflex, returned his attention to the letter from Klein Moretti, and read it again and again:
“The origin and main purpose of evil spirits possessing evil spirits”
“I don’t know enough about evil spirits and I have no idea at all.”
After thinking for a few minutes, Leonard took out a box of matches, burned the letter, and then left the lounge temporarily assigned to him by the local “Nighthawk”, came diagonally across the way, and knocked on the door with his fingers.
Not long after, Daly Simone, who had not yet taken off her blue eye shadow and matching blush, opened the door, raised her eyebrows and said:
“When did the sleepless man have the courage to knock on a lady’s door at a time that is reminiscent of a bed?”
“Ahem, I have some questions to ask you.” Leonard didn’t dare to answer Dai Li’s words and directly stated his purpose.
Dai Li looked him up and down and said with a smile:
“I am not responsible for guiding psychological minors to grow up.”
As she spoke, she stepped aside and allowed Leonard to enter the room.
/Not daring to look around, he pulled up a round stool and sat down. Leonard went straight to the topic and said:
“Ma’am, I’d like to know more about the evil spirit.
“You are a Sequence 5 of the Death Path, and your authority is higher than mine. You should know a lot.”
“Why are you asking this?” Dai Li said, holding her hands back on the edge of the table.
Before Leonard could answer, she said to herself:
“Most of the evil spirits are the product