inates everything. The real manipulator may be a puppet after all, but for Klein, this is enough. The goal is extremely clear, and there are clues to investigate what they want to plan.

Seeing that “Magician” and Miss “Judgement” were far away from the place where the previous mutation occurred, and their safety was basically guaranteed, Klein withdrew his gaze and continued to observe the actions of Qonas Korg, the deputy director of MI9, through the prayer light spot. .
After a while, after “demarcating” the territory and confirming whether anyone was following Qonaskorge, he walked to a mountain wall and took out something.
His whole body was immediately suffused with blue light, gradually becoming hazy and blurry.
Then, he disappeared out of thin air and went to no one knows where.
/“A rather special kind of ‘travel’ that achieves point-to-point ‘teleportation’ within a short range through fixed rituals and items… When I came out of the underground ruins where Ins Zangwill was, I also went through a similar door. ‘…Well, this place is not too far away from the mountain peak where Mr. A is chasing me…
“This kind of arrangement is very suitable for areas that need to be kept secret. Without internal permission, even if you hold an item to open it, it will have no effect. Once something goes wrong, destroying the corresponding ritual can prevent the enemy from entering and let them find it. No specific location…” Klein nodded in confusion.
Based on Viscount Stepford’s ‘confession’ just now, he initially believed that the king’s secrets and the plans of the three families were hidden deep in the underground ruins. As long as he could enter there and investigate carefully, he would most likely get the truth of the matter.
However, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that the investigation of this matter would be very difficult, because first he had to have the corresponding items before he could use the transformation of the “faceless man” to hide from the guards and “teleport” in. This was not easy. matter.
According to “Magic Mirror” Arrods, Qonas Korg is not only a demigod of the “Black Emperor” path, but he also possesses a quite powerful sealed artifact.
Even if Klein is well prepared, without hiring angel-level helpers, he is not very sure about defeating the Major General and Deputy Director of MI9, not to mention that he must deal with the opponent covertly and without being discovered. The angels he can invite each have their own difficulties and problems, and they may not necessarily agree.
“Even if Qonaskorg is captured without alerting anyone, we still have to consider the danger after entering… With the experience last time, they will not fail to be on guard against the ‘faceless men’… The king and the Psychological Alchemy Society, The Witch Sect is cooperating and planning something big. There is a high possibility that there are angels in the underground ruins…” Klein frowned slightly, unable to find a reliable way to complete the investigation.
He tapped his fingers