like building and went into the darkness outside to pick up a few white rabbits and a goat.

Only now did he realize that the darkness in the Land Abandoned by God was not as dangerous as the little “sun” described, and most of the monsters were so weak.
No, to be precise, the dangers hidden in the depths of darkness, except for the fact that people can evaporate out of thin air, are completely inferior to the guy named Amon next to me… Klein glanced at the guy sitting near the leather lantern, smiling. Looking at the thin man who was busy, he summoned boiling water and other things from the pores of history, squatted down, and carefully processed the fur, flesh and blood of the white rabbit and goat.
After a lot of work, Klein built a bonfire, set up a historical grill, placed a white rabbit on it, brushed it with basil, cumin, refined salt and other things from the seasoning set, and kept turning it.
At this time, the historical delicacies he had eaten before had long since disappeared due to lack of maintenance, and both his body and soul issued a call for replenishment.
A seductive fragrance gradually spread out, Amon twitched his nose slightly and said:
“Do you really want to eat?”
Without waiting for Klein to answer, the “God of Mischief” continued to himself and said:
“Their essence is the flesh and blood of monsters and your ‘spirit worms’. Are you sure you want to eat them?”
“The transformation curse at the angelic level cannot be lifted without confrontation at the same level or the right method. Since a thing looks like a rabbit, smells like a rabbit, and tastes like a rabbit, then it is a rabbit.” While seriously cooking the roasted rabbit, Klein laughed to himself and said, “Besides, if I want to escape from you, how can I not stay in the best condition? For this slim hope, I can only challenge my own mental endurance. ”
This is called bearing humiliation! Klein silently added in his mind.
At the same time, he lamented the transformation curse of “ancient evil things”.
/This is countless times stronger than the similar curse of the “Silent Disciple” in Sequence 3!
There is almost no upper limit on the maintenance time… Obviously, after ordinary animals become my marionette, they can use all my extraordinary abilities through the “Spirit Insect”, but marionettes who suffer the transformation curse cannot… This is the curse of an angel. …In addition to confrontation at the same level, you can also try to remove it with the right method. No curse is absolutely unsolvable, and all have loopholes… Haha, kiss this rabbit, and it will turn back into Gehrmanspar. Luo? Klein adjusted his mental state half self-deprecatingly and half analytically.
After hearing his answer, Amon, who was wearing a monocle, smiled and nodded:
“very good.
“This is indeed the awareness we should have.”
Klein didn’t respond and continued his barbecue business.
Not long after, with the help of the ability to “manipulate flames”, he roasted a rabbit and a leg of lamb. Before the spices disappeared, he ate a mout