live until the end of the war.”

The Lord here refers to the “Lord of Storms.”
“I believe in the goddess.” Xio replied seriously.
“You understand what I mean.” The man in the golden mask waved his hand and said, “Then are you still planning to accept the commission from MI9?”
“I will not refuse the opportunity to make money.” Xio scratched his slightly rough hair and said half-truths.
“Yes.” The man in the golden mask nodded and said, “The main thing during the war is to deal with spies from various countries. If there is a task suitable for you, I will find you.”
“Okay.” After Xio responded, he cautiously exited the dark alley without stopping.
After watching her disappear, the man in the golden mask looked at the shadow in the corner and said:
“She was probably just used by a certain force and was abandoned after no longer pursuing the original incident.”
From the shadows in the corner, a deep voice came out:
“It seems like this on the surface, but in reality there is nothing to pursue or worry about. Even if she can figure out the truth and spread it, it will no longer affect His Majesty the King’s affairs. Haha, the Church of the Night has already acquiesced.”
“This is best…” The golden masked man breathed out silently.
Returning to his residence on the edge of the East District, Xio said to Forsi, who was sitting on the edge of the bed reading the newspaper:
“Took 2,500 pounds.”
Forsi put down the newspaper, his eyes moved slightly, and he concentrated on calculation:
“That’s enough.”
Hugh himself has a savings of more than 600 pounds. With this 2,500 pounds, excluding necessary living expenses, there is still 3,100 pounds for free disposal.
The price for the “Judge” potion formula she purchased was 2,000 pounds, and the extraordinary properties were 3,500 pounds. In other words, there was still a shortfall of 2,400 pounds, which Forsi would lend her.
After lending this money, Forsi’s savings will be reduced to 780 pounds. However, this will have no impact on her. She has the subsequent potion formula and main ingredients, and there will be no major expenses for a long time. Occasionally, you can make some money by renting out “Lemano’s Travel Notes”.
“Yes.” Xio nodded, “I will complete the transaction as soon as possible and strive to be promoted to Sequence 6 as soon as possible.”
/The matter of meeting his friend had been finalized, and Forsi turned to worry about himself:
“I don’t know when my ‘Recorder’ potion will be completely digested. Now that the war has broken out, it will be much safer to have the ‘travel’ ability.”
“The focus of ‘Recorder’ must be on ‘recording’. When I become ‘Judge’, you will have new extraordinary abilities that can be recorded repeatedly. This should speed up the digestion of potions.” Xio pulled up a chair and sat on it. Next, he said thoughtfully.
Forsi sighed:
“I suspect that in addition to ‘recording’ extraordinary abilities, we also need to ‘record’ the scenery and folk customs of different places, so that we can match them with the subsequent ‘trav