og, in the ancient palace, Klein held the “Fool” card, wore the “curtain”, held the “Star Staff”, and was reviewing the situation of the island through the prayer light spot of the “Mysterious Queen”.

In his real vision, the island was covered with a layer of faint, distorted black, making it impossible for him to directly see the situation inside, and could only obtain Bernadette’s perspective.
Even if it wasn’t the primitive island discovered by Emperor Russell, this place was not simple… Klein nodded invisibly, waiting for the “Queen of Mysteries” to do more exploration.
Bernadette did not use the ball of thread again because she had a premonition that it would lead her into a dangerous abyss that she could not resist.
She took out an imaginary hat and put it on her head.
Her figure dressed as a captain disappeared and all traces were lost.
This is also one of the fairy tale magics from “Mysterious Reappearance”, the core of which is a “hat” that makes people invisible.
Then, Bernadette followed a road that seemed to have been created by humans and entered a forest composed of huge trees.
There is no sound of birds chirping, no roaring of wild beasts, and no movement of crawling insects. It is as peaceful as if time has frozen, and as silent as if no living thing exists.
According to Bernadette’s understanding, there should be many extraordinary creatures that have become extinct in the outside world here. Normally it would be quite lively, but now, she felt like she was walking through an uninhabited cemetery, and every giant tree was a tombstone.
Those Extraordinaries with weak minds must have tightened their spirits at this moment, burdened with heavy pressure, and were getting closer to the edge of losing control. However, Bernadette’s expression did not change at all, and she seemed to be used to being in dangerous and strange situations. Move forward.
After walking for nearly two quarters of an hour, she still didn’t see any living beings, and she didn’t even feel the presence of wind.
Suddenly, her eyes widened, as the huge trees suddenly became sparse in front of her.
Bernadette did not feel any joy. Instead, she slowed down her pace, raised her hand, and touched it between her eyebrows.
/A pair of eyelashless, extremely cold, almost transparent eyes immediately appeared in front of her.
Then, these “secret-peeping eyes” were held by invisible hands and placed on the face of a transparent person.
This is Bernadette’s “invisible servant”.
This “invisible servant”, with its “eye of peeping into secrets”, quickly passed through the remaining roads and arrived at the open forest.
In the process, its vision gradually became clearer, and it seemed that it was no longer affected by the faint black color in the air.
/Finally, this “invisible servant” arrived at the edge of the open area and transmitted the situation there back to Bernadette’s field of vision through the “Eye of Peeping Secrets”:
Beyond the sparse woods is a large open space, where countless creatures crawl.
Among them are gian