n territory, and the final rough data is given.

More or fewer people will not have much impact on the final result. The only regret is that there are not enough war horses, so we have to use rhinoceros horses to make up for it.
Thanks to the selfless dedication of the bureaucrats in the Logistics Department, otherwise it would have been very difficult to gather three thousand horses.
Deep down, Hudson had decided to expand the cavalry. This battle is the best opportunity. As long as the Beamon Cavalry Regiment is surrounded and annihilated, more battle losses will be reported later.
It is simply impossible to delve into this kind of thing. He has outstanding military exploits, even if he knows that the battle damage is problematic. If the Mossi people still want him to continue to work hard, they will pretend to be confused to supplement it.
What’s more, he hasn’t eaten alone yet, and the second generation of the newly formed 23rd Legion also left a portion. As long as you have the courage to participate, you will gain something.
/The newly formed 23rd Army Corps was defeated because the overall quality of the soldiers was not up to par. The guards who followed the second generation were still very capable of fighting.
A loud noise from Bethel City not only alerted the nearby orc army, but also alerted the nearby human defenders.
The information gathered from the high-altitude reconnaissance by the Griffin Cavalry reached the hands of the frontline commander, Marshal Hoch, as quickly as possible.
When he first received the battle report, he suspected that someone was playing a trick on him again.
The Leberon family is not a small noble. Even if they have been on a decline in recent decades, they are still among the top five established nobles in the principality.
More than ten generations and hundreds of years of long-term operation. Bethel Fortress can be said to be impregnable, and in terms of defensive capabilities, it ranks among the best in the entire Principality of Moxi.
Marshal Hoch never considered the possibility of such a fortress city falling. At the very least, they shouldn’t have fallen into the hands of the orc army in the early stages of the war.
According to the experience of the Alpha Kingdom, as long as the old nobles do not commit suicide, the orcs want to break into their lair, and it will be impossible to complete it without a few months of strong attack.
It was useless not to believe it. The nearby defenders gave similar battle reports and personally sent griffon cavalry to conduct reconnaissance, which also proved the fact that Bethel Fortress was in ruins.
As for how the orcs breached Bethel Fortress, no one could tell for a while. However, some people speculated that it was related to the shocking explosion and suspected that it was the work of the orcs.
Fortunately, the gryphon cavalry did a great job in reconnaissance and discovered that the orc army had suffered heavy losses, which made Marshal Hoch heave a sigh of relief.
As long as it wasn’t the handiwork of the orcs, if