ancient gods in humanoid form, the Giant King Olmir, the Elf King Sunia Solem, and the ancestor of the blood race Lilith, were allies against the “Dragon of Fantasy” Angelwe. The camp consists of Germany, the ancestor of the phoenix Greycarrie, and the alien king Kwashtun. The “Demon King” Fabuti and the “Destruction Wolf” Fregra are loners who want to pollute everything and subvert everything.

So, the alliance of the three humanoid ancient gods finally broke down? Klein calmed down his thoughts and waited for the subsequent changes in the dream.
Under the terrifying roar, the “Queen of Natural Disasters” Goshinam was not affected at all, with an indifferent expression, and said relatively calmly:
“Isn’t this a fact that has been established for a long time?
“His reputation is the exact opposite of his size.”
/At this time, the body of the ancient god Suniyasolim had been enveloped by flashes of lightning, and he said in a thunderous voice:
“I thought that after hundreds of years, He would understand the world’s situation better. I overestimated His IQ!
“If it hadn’t been for His betrayal, how could Lilith have fallen?”
Hey…Lilith, the ancestor of the blood clan, died so early? Klein’s eyelids twitched and his attention quickly focused.
After the Elf King finished roaring, “Queen of Natural Disasters” Goshinam maintained the same posture as before and said:
“That’s not a bad thing. At least Kwashtun and Fregla were dragged to death by Lilith. All the gods no longer trust each other. Even if we don’t ally with any party, we can still rule the sea, lakes and rivers. ”
Hearing these words, “Justice” Audrey, the “audience”, could not contain her inner shock, and couldn’t help but use “appeasement” to herself.
This… means that Lilith, the ancestor of the blood race, Kwashtun, the alien king, and Fregra, the “Destruction Wolf”, fell in the ancient god’s own divine war, due to the betrayal of the giant king Ormir and other ancient gods. The rise has nothing to do with the ancient sun god?
In the ancient times, Lilith, the ancestor of the blood race, and Kwashtun, the king of alien species, fell because of each other… Recently, the blood race is cooperating with the temperance faction of the alien species. Time is really the greatest magician… Haha, “Moon” If Emlyn knew about this, I wonder what kind of expression he would have… “Star” Leonard sighed while listening.
As the thoughts of the three people were spinning, the ancient god Suniya Solem snorted and said:
“Almir recently wanted to cooperate with some secret sects that emerged among humans to deal with us together. It is said that this matter is led by ‘Harvest’ and ‘Morning’.
“Now I even want to cooperate with Angelweed to destroy the giant’s royal court. Unfortunately, every time I see that dragon, I want to skewer it and put it on the grill. It is a source of Attracted to the essence, it is the most irresistible delicacy!”
As soon as he finished speaking, the figure of the ancient god suddenly disappeared, and the entire palace shook v