d Man” Alger nodded slightly when he heard this and said:

“Although the world war has ended, the colonial order in the southern continent has not been effectively restored. There is still chaos there, and small-scale wars break out from time to time. You can try to form two or three mercenary teams and accept employment from any force. .”
Military contractor… Klein gave a more modern name in his mind.
“This is a good idea.” Derrick’s eyes lit up after hearing this.
“The Hanged Man” Alger then asked again:
“Fighting is the instinct of survival. Apart from this, is there anything else you want to do?”
“Sun” Derrick replied a little embarrassedly:
/“Many people want to be chefs, winemakers, or work in candy factories…”
After listening to the wishes of the residents of Silver City, a thought suddenly appeared in Klein’s mind:
“It’s all related to food…”
“The Hanged Man” Alger thought for a while and said to “The Sun” Derrick:
“You can definitely ask people with this idea to join the industry union in Bayam and find suitable teachers through them, or you can directly invite people with expertise in this field to teach in New Silver City and give them generous rewards.
“Of course, the premise is that you must let the residents master the common language of the Rhoside Islands as soon as possible. On this basis, Loen language, Gufusac language, and Dutan language can also be put on the agenda.”
After “The Hanged Man” finished speaking, “Hermit” Cattleya also gave her own suggestions:
“In addition to organizing a mercenary team, you can also try to apply for public positions in major cities in the Rhoad Islands to be responsible for handling extraordinary events.”
Although the Rhoside Islands government and the “Poseidon” Church obtained a batch of extraordinary characteristics and corresponding potion formulas from Silver City and Moon City, they were unable to cultivate enough extraordinary people in a short period of time – Sequence 9 was relatively good, and selection If a person who is mentally, mentally, and physically healthy takes the magic potion, the probability of losing control and going crazy is actually very small. If you go further, the performance may not be successful, and performance will also take time.
In this case, as long as the residents of Silver City can become a member of the official force, they should not worry about losing their jobs afterwards.
Of course, the Rhoside Islands government will definitely control the number of employees, and Silver City cannot completely solve everyone’s employment problems through this approach.
Klein quite agreed with Ms. “Hermit’s” suggestion, and believed that it was necessary to give Daniz an oracle to ask the Rhoad Islands government and the “Poseidon Church” to increase the number of official Beyonders within a certain range.
This is not to help the residents of Silver City and some non-deformed people in Moon City find jobs, but to deal with the approaching end of the world, the deepening of the erosion of alien gods, and the gradual