is the Apostle of Desire.” At this point, Essinger suddenly laughed, “Sorry, we were so impatient that you didn’t even have the chance to introduce the suspect.”

Ikanser walked around the fountain pool and walked towards the main entrance of the house, speaking quickly:
“The owner of this house is Patrick Jason, the main shareholder of a small bank. According to his neighbors, he is a cheerful, enthusiastic, and optimistic middle-aged man who has never been married, but he should have several mistresses.
“The number of servants he hired was seriously insufficient for his class. Every time he held a dinner or dance, he needed to hire an extra group of temporary waiters from the Metropolitan Help Household Servants Association. His explanation for this was that he had trouble sleeping. Problem, too many servants would destroy the quiet he needs.”
“It can be seen that he has many secrets to hide, so he dare not hire too many servants.” Essinger said half-jokingly.
Klein, who had not hired any servants, said a little guiltily:
“Maybe it’s just that his financial situation is not as good as everyone thinks.”
“Yes, this is a factor that cannot be ruled out.” Essinger stepped up the steps and came to the front door.
Ikanser glanced at Klein and said as if he was suddenly enlightened:
“You don’t hire servants and only ask the landlord’s maid to do temporary cleaning twice a week, just to hide the secret that you are an extraordinary person.”
Among all my secrets, this is the youngest. Klein deliberately smiled bitterly:
As he spoke, Ikonse stretched out his hand and pushed open the main door, and an indescribable stench wafted out from inside.
“The smell of rot” Essinger made an instant judgment.
Ikanser called over a member of the “Heart of Machinery” team:
“Carlson, what did you find?”
The extraordinary man named Carlson wore a pair of glasses with thick lenses and said with a complicated expression:
/“We found a lot of bodies here.
“In the cement of the basement, in the thick walls, and in the overgrown garden, there are corpses one after another. The earliest ones may date back more than ten years ago, and the latest ones are those who were still alive a few days ago. Those servants.
“Some of them have only white bones left, and some have just rotted a little. Deacon, this place is like a human slaughterhouse.”
As he spoke, members of the “Machine Heart” and carefully selected policemen carried out one body after another.
Some of the corpses were completely dismembered, with tongues, fingers, stomach bags, eyes, etc. placed messily together, while others were just a pile of bones.
“It seems that many of Backlund’s disappearances will be solved as a result.” Essinger pinched his nose and sighed.
Klein saw an intestine that was almost dragged to the ground, exhaled, and turned to examine the situation in various parts of the house.
Carlson, a member of “Machine Heart”, murmured two more words:
“Jason pays his servants a high salary and gives them a lot of holidays. The servants living arou