er, chief room.

Colin Iliad, who had gray hair and old scars on his face, looked out the window into the deep darkness. It wasn’t until a sharp silvery light suddenly erupted in the distance, bringing light for a few seconds, that he looked away, nodded gently and said:
“Hilmon was successfully promoted…”
His eyes immediately fell on the boy who was only a little over two meters standing in the center of the room:
“Derrick, do you know why I, who has become a Sequence 3 Silver Knight, have suppressed the follow-up plans and not implemented them after my first exploration of the ‘Court of Giants’?”
Derrick thought for a while and said:
“Your Excellency, on the one hand, you want to see if there is another way around to the seaside. On the other hand, you are waiting for someone from the other elders of the ‘Six-person Council’ to be promoted to Sequence 3.”
And now, both aspects of things are completed:
Nearly five months ago, an exploration team from Silver City discovered a hidden road that bypassed the mountain peak where the “Giant King’s Court” is located and arrived at the seaside. However, the sea was illusory and impossible to pass through. Forcing yourself into the water will only cause your body to gradually disintegrate;
Now, another demigod of the “Six-person Council”, Werthilmon, has finally been promoted and has become a Sequence 3 “Silver Knight”. He can have his own honorary name and respond to the wishes of the other residents of Silver City within a certain range. pray.
Colin Iliad sighed and said:
“Very good, very clear and comprehensive understanding of things.
“If there is no other way, I really don’t want to take you into the ‘Giant King’s Court’ again and try to open the palace where the ‘Dark Angel’ is sleeping…”
Having said this, “Demon Hunter” Colin paused for a moment before continuing:
“I don’t know how dangerous such an exploration will be. I can only make adequate preparations in advance. Now, Hilmon has finally succeeded. Even if an accident occurs later and we cannot return, he and the other elders can still support Baiyin. City, so that everything can continue to be maintained and wait for the next opportunity.”
He looked at Derrick for a few seconds, nodded in agreement and said:
“Your growth is better than I expected. If you hadn’t started the ‘Giant Court’ thing, I really want to keep you in Silver City in the name of the ‘Six-person Council’ preparatory elder.”
Upon hearing this, Derrick Berg replied without hesitation:
“Even if you want to keep me in Silver City, I have to apply to go.”
This was the dawn he saw, this was an opportunity in his mind to save Silver City, and he was willing to do anything for it.
Colin Iliad showed a rare smile:
“You are still too young. When you have experienced a lot of things like me, you will understand that it is more difficult and more frustrating than pulling out the sword, sacrificing yourself with passion, enduring humiliation and helplessness, and holding on in the darkness. A painful thing.
/“If you don’t believe