d at the time. He had no time to waste time here, and said to the left and right trees.

The left tree and the right tree obviously had mood swings, and they became extremely excited.
It turns out that the existence with a sacred aura in front of them takes over as the Dragon King. Is there anything that makes them happier than this?
“Great being, we will open the palace door for you!” Zuo Shu and You Shu said at the same time.
Then the two tree men turned around and pushed the palace door, and the huge palace door separated on both sides.
The two tree men stood on both sides of the palace door and respectfully opened the door.
/David smiled and walked into the Dragon Emperor’s Palace, followed by three Dragon Emperors, and five god-level dragons entered last.
There are complicated lines and reliefs on the ground. According to David’s judgment, this should be a magic circle that he cannot understand.
There are exquisite carvings on the walls, which record many stories from the Age of Dragons.
On the top of the hall, giant dragons are drawn one after another surrounding a ball of white light. The light emitted by the white ball of light provides illumination for the entire hall.
“Great demigod Arthur, go to the Dragon Throne to find the ‘Book of the Dragon King’, and then claim the ‘Book of the Dragon King’ as its owner. Only the Dragon King is qualified to go up to the Dragon Throne. We are waiting for you here. !” Golden Dragon Alfred said to David.
The black dragon Alexis also flew off David’s shoulders, and he also knew this taboo.
David nodded, and his body flew up towards the suspended platform.
/The platform was large and made of an unknown material. It was filled with various gems and ‘divine power crystals’, and David even saw five ‘world crystals’ in it.
The energy of the five ‘World Crystals’ is extremely eye-catching among this pile of gems and ‘divine power crystals’. You can find it with just a little attention.
David stepped on a platform made of gems and ‘divine power crystals’. This should be the place where the Dragon King rests.
He began to search for the ‘Book of the Dragon King’, and his spirit searched among gems and ‘divine power crystals’.
He did not believe that the golden dragon Alfred would deceive him. Even if the golden dragon Alfred deceived him, the black dragon Alexis would not deceive him.
David regained his energy and searched carefully inch by inch. In the middle of the Dragon Throne, he discovered something a little different.
Below the gems and ‘divine power crystal’ here, the engraved pattern is slightly different from the surrounding patterns. The most important thing is that a very high-quality space stone is embedded in the middle of the pattern.
David’s spirit swept across the pattern. It seemed that due to the death of the previous owner, his spirit swept along the pattern and entered a storage space.
This is a thousand square meters of space. For the dragon clan, such a large space is definitely very small, but for placing important items, this thousand squ