omprehensive intersection of the three worlds.

“Start the Ark Project to preserve human genes in the Doomsday Fortress. In addition, I have also informed Admiral David. I hope Admiral David can find a way!” Marshal Andre said bitterly.
The Ark Project is a last resort plan in case of human extinction.
The so-called doomsday fortress is a huge sphere made of multi-layered special materials, in which human genes are stored. This multi-layered sphere of special materials will protect itself through countless special materials during destruction, allowing human genes to avoid the disaster of extinction.
“Have we reached this point? Has there been any response from Admiral David?” President Biddle was obviously a little out of sorts.
/Generalissimo Andrei did not answer President Biddle’s question. The silence said it all.
/Admiral David is in normal retreat. Even if he uses the most special channel, there is no guarantee that he will receive the news in time. Even if he receives the news, it will be difficult to solve the disaster at the Battle Star.
In the great world of gods, the five gods have joined forces to set up an energy shield that blocks the barrier of the great world, hoping to reduce the impact on the great world of gods.
On the home planet of the Zerg world, David, who was meditating in the Dragon Emperor Palace, suddenly received news from multiple clones. There was news from the legendary lord clone of the divine world, and the fifth-level bishop clone at the safe point of the Interstellar Federation. The news came.
The avatars of the legendary lords reported a sudden and unusual shock. The avatars of the fifth-level bishops of the Interstellar Federation conveyed urgent news from Grand Marshal Andre and David’s own subordinates. Gods entered the battle star. caused serious consequences.
In particular, Grand Marshal Andre passed on a piece of top-secret information to the fifth-level bishop’s clone.
It contains research on the consequences of energy explosions produced by battle stars. This top-secret information makes David feel heavy.
David has relatives and friends in the Interstellar Federation and the Divine World, and he has forces under his control in the Zerg World. If the annihilation mentioned in the research report really occurs in the three major worlds, he cannot imagine how he should face it.
He made up his mind to see the situation for himself. He had too many secrets and might be able to solve the problem.
David did not use the ‘Breaking Sky’ talent ability himself, but let the battle clone directly open the space channel. Through the space channel, he appeared at the barrier between the Zerg world and the Battle Star world.
This is a three hundred meter high and wide passage. The passage from the Zerg world to the battle star is the smallest, and it is on the surface of the battle star, deep in the Zerg controlled area.
When David came here, the spiritual clone of the ‘Mother Queen’ was also standing here.
“Demigod Arthur, you’re here too!” The ‘Mother Queen’ looked very h