had been observing the battlefield mentally, gave the name of this legendary-level insect in his mind.

The legendary ‘Poison Silk Worm King’ is a legendary level worm with special talents.
“Immediately mobilize the Divine Pattern Array of the Space Temple to attack this Legendary Zerg!” Archbishop Ambrose quickly ordered.
/“Archbishop Ambrose, it will take five breaths to activate the Space Temple again!” Archbishop Adele reminded.
The fourteen space temples have just mobilized the power of faith to inspire an attack on the divine pattern formation. To attack again, they need to wait for the power of faith in the original attack pattern to stabilize. It also takes time to mobilize the power of faith.
It’s not that Archbishop Ambrose didn’t know about this, it’s just that he was worried about the fifth-level Templars on the battlefield.
The Space Temple inspires powerful offensive magic, and each time it only takes five breaths, which is already very impressive.
But five breaths of time on the battlefield can already allow the strong to do many things.
Just like now, the huge body of the legendary level ‘Poisonous Silk Worm King’ jumped suddenly, and while flying over the insect tide, it spit out a stream of crystal silk from its mouth.
These crystalline threads formed a large net in the air, and the large net covered the knight battle formation composed of one hundred and thirty fifth-level Templar knights.
This large net came into contact with the bloodline power shield of the Templar battle formation. The bloodline power shield, which was already on the verge of collapse, was immediately dyed black after it came into contact with the big net.
The shield of blood power could not sustain even a single breath. The large crystal net contained legendary poison, which instantly corroded the shield of blood power.
The crystal net continued to fall downwards, and it was about to catch all one hundred and thirty fifth-level Templar knights.
“Honor is in my heart, faith coexists with me, justice turns into a sharp sword, and breaks the darkness!” A fifth-level Templar knight flew away from the knight’s battle formation and took the initiative to rush towards the crystal net.
This fifth-level Templar Knight forcibly detonated the Heart Sea Space. When the power of the solidified bloodline in the Heart Sea Space was detonated, his body was unable to withstand the terrifying energy and turned into powder.
At the expense of himself, this fifth-level Templar slowed down the descent of the crystal net in the explosion.
“You guys stand back!” Ten more fifth-level Templar Knights left the knight battle formation without any hesitation, shouting loudly while detonating the space in their hearts.
The remaining fifth-level Templars retreated with tears in their eyes, wanting to withdraw from the scope of the Crystal Net, hoping not to let down the efforts of their companions at the cost of their lives.
Ten fifth-level Templar Knights exploded in the air, and the crystal net stagnated slightly, then continued to fall.