ised his hand and snapped his fingers, fulfilling his wish.

As the snapping sound echoed, the lawn corresponding to the Beldan Municipal Library disappeared, the building shrank, and the walls receded, and soon it was only one-tenth of its original size.
Klein and Arianna unknowingly “came” to the floor-to-ceiling window. Through the open window, they stared at the “Trunsoest Brass Book” on the rectangular table.
The distance between them and the target has not changed at all. It is still very close, but it is no longer within the range that requires serious punishment. It was just the first time they violated the curfew order, and they were whipped again by the invisible law enforcer.
/After accumulating the desire to restore buildings one after another, Klein has been able to create quite a miracle in this regard!
He made no more wishes and continued to think about it, analyzing the hidden meaning in the previous words of the Patriarch of the God of War Church:
“No, it shouldn’t be forcibly suppressed by personality, otherwise my spiritual intuition would have told me the answer long ago, allowing me to activate the aura of ‘Origin Castle’ to complete the seal…
“From the perspective of mysticism, this is understandable, because ‘0-02’ is obviously related to a certain source of essence, and it is difficult to forcibly suppress it by relying on the personality of sequence 0…
“Rely on the power of the gods themselves? This may be possible, but it is most likely not the real method, because Larion himself has a method to complete the seal without relying on the gods…
“What is special about Sequence 0 gods? And what methods can angels use to indirectly achieve this specialness?
“The most special thing about the Sequence 0 gods that I can think of currently is that they contain ‘uniqueness’. This is something that I cannot summon from the pores of history, and it truly has the characteristic of ‘uniqueness’.
“But how can an angel indirectly simulate the ‘One’?”
Klein collided with countless ideas and sparked a lot of sparks, but he still couldn’t figure out the key to the problem.
At this time, mercury-colored words continued to appear on the “Trunsoest Brass Book”, forming new articles to classify Klein and Arianna into groups that must be punished.
After Arianna observed silently for a while, she suddenly said:
“I tried to ‘hide’ the soil under the table and let ‘0-02’ fall into the center of the earth. You should be more vigilant to prevent accidents.”
The “hidden” soil… fell into the center of the earth… Klein’s heart moved when he heard this, and he thought this was a pretty good idea.
The “Trunsoest Brass Book” currently only prohibits “touching” and “changing its own state”. The surrounding environment is not the same as its own state. In addition, the Beldan Municipal Library cannot arbitrarily Entering does not mean that Klein and Arianna cannot exert a certain influence on it.
And when “0-02”, an item that is not prohibited from leaving, passes through the hidden “soil” and falls int