Then ten percent, twenty percent.
Thirty, forty, fifty…
Wei He thought that he could practice spiritual power in one breath until his whole body was completely transformed into flesh and blood.
Until suddenly one day, the heaven and earth, the world, and the space shook slightly.
It seems like something special has disappeared.
/Deep in the mountains of Dongzhou, inside an unknown Taoist temple.
In the main hall, Wei He, wearing a black Taoist robe, slowly opened his eyes and let out a sigh.
The virtual mist finally disappeared…
In the main hall, Wei He stood up, stretched out his hand as if to grasp something, and held it lightly.
But it was supposed to be the process of gathering the virtual mist and absorbing it into the transformation tissue on the back of the hand.
At this time nothing happened.
There is no mist, only pure air…
Wei He sighed softly. After half of his body was completely transformed into flesh and blood, he was already quite close to the master level in terms of realm.
Unfortunately… it’s still not completely finished.
But another good thing is that his own true blood is quite powerful.
Twenty-one years ago, Wei He had naturally grown to a master-level physical fitness. Strength and speed are comprehensively improved. The three bloodlines once again provided him with three opportunities to strengthen.
He chose defense all the time. Only in this way can the maximum power of the secret technique of the fifth-turn dragon breath be brought into full play.
By now, his physical strength, whether it is speed, strength, or other qualities, has reached the level of a real true blood master.
But this is the end.
The limit of true blood’s natural growth is here.
Next, Wei He needs to work hard on his own realm.
Slowly walking out of the hall, Wei He looked up at the bright blue sky and white clouds.
/The soft sunshine divided the Taoist temple’s courtyard into two, and fine sycamore hairs flew down.
Several tits with white heads and brown tails were jumping on the wall and making crisp calls.
Wei He took out the token that Bai Ling had given him back then, and gently dispersed the true power of the seal on it.
Suddenly a white light flashed on the surface of the token, and then a slight crack opened.
Wei He made no move, just stood there and waited slowly.
About ten minutes later.
Suddenly, there was a steady knock on the door outside the Taoist temple.
Boom, boom, boom.
“Come in.” Wei He put away the token and looked up at the courtyard door.
The door was unlocked, and soon there was a click and it was pushed open from the outside.
A tall man in white clothes with a stern face slowly walked into the door.
The man raised his head, revealing the face of the White Antelope Demon King that Wei He had seen in Linzhou a hundred years ago.
The distance between the two was several meters, and Bai Ling stood still.
His face showed deep fatigue, confusion, unwillingness, and other complex emotions.
It seems that he has suffered a