ot bad.”

ot bad.”
I don’t know if he was complimenting me or something else, but when he put his mouth on the cigarette holder for the third time, one and two. Three or six smaller flame faucets appeared on the bong.
“Do you think you can capture me by releasing a few more at once?” I said with a cold smile.
Six flame dragon heads floated out at the same time, attacking from all directions. I calmly circled around with my fingers. The flames surrounded me, forming a perfect defense!
“Boom!” But what I didn’t expect was that the six flame faucets exploded before they came into contact with my flames. The exploded faucets released terrifying energy. I was hit by six waves of energy from all directions at the same time. Almost within a second or two after the explosion, I felt like my body had been punched six times, especially my chest, which felt tight and painful!
“Although you can resist the flames, you can’t resist the energy after the flame explosion. You still have to use your brain more when fighting.” Zhuya flicked the smoke gun.
Until now, he has almost lost all his strength, but I seem to be evenly matched with him but I have been slightly injured, and I am still as old as I am. This sentence is indeed good!
/“It’s my turn.” I wiped the two index fingers of my left and right hands across the mouth of the gourd at the same time. Two flames appeared on the fingertips, and then the fingertips touched one spot. The two flames were extinguished instantly after touching each other. Juya, who was on the opposite side, felt something was wrong. Frowning slightly, at this moment, the flame that should have been extinguished suddenly burned again, and this time the burning flame turned blood red. Very mysterious!
“New flame?” Zhuanya didn’t recognize this flame, so he showed a confused expression.
I discovered this mysterious flame more than a year ago. At that time, I did an experiment at the suggestion of Mr. Tao. He believed that flames and flames are also mutually reinforcing. If they are restrained, they will go out. This is similar to the rescue in some places Like a forest fire, another fire engulfs the previous fire, and both flames eventually go out. But there are also situations where the flames eat each other and merge, eventually forming a stronger flame.
At that time, he suggested that I try to use the gourd’s flame to conduct a mutual generation experiment, and the result was unexpected, and this blood-red flame appeared. This was not the first time I saw blood-red flames, but the aura emanating from this new flame was powerful and unfamiliar.
/To be honest, I can’t fully use this new flame, but at least it won’t hurt me. Although it is unstable, the flame is inherently unstable. Water and earth are stable, and fire should be crazy!
I carefully raised the new blood-red flame, held it in my hand, and then blew it gently, and it flew out like a petal, drifting farther and farther away. Zhuan Ya held his pipe in his mouth and transformed into six flame dragon heads that flew towards me. I raised