nts to kill us!

nts to kill us!
“Senior, Zhuanya, you may not know it, but I have heard of it. He is a senior who studied in Maoshan. His abilities are not comparable to those of the three ghosts of the Ling family. I think it is better not to drag you down. I will take Fatty with me tomorrow. Leave with Luo Qiong. You can help me with this matter. ”
I know we can’t delay it any longer! People are kind-hearted when they help us. We cannot harm others into the water.
“Oh? Maoshan, I miss you so much. I remember that Taoist Xuqing and I tasted tea in Maoshan a long time ago. Since he is someone who has studied art in Maoshan, I want to meet him even more. Let’s see if Maoshan’s portion is too light. “
In fact, Zhuan Ya should be older than Mr. Xu. But when I heard his tone, I felt as if he was talking about his own juniors, but experts like them couldn’t really explain it.
“Don’t worry about me. You just concentrate on helping Xiao Shen, and I will take care of things. It’s getting late. Go to bed early, Mr. Ba.”
He walked far away with his cigarette in hand, looking like he was strolling in a garden. I feel confident, but for some reason, I always feel like I can’t see through this old Mr. Xu. Even more mysterious than Mr. Tang gave me!
After school ended early the next afternoon, Fatty, Luo Qiong, I and I entered the school pretending to be repairmen, and then asked for the key to the rooftop from the old guard.
“You mean there’s another compartment on the rooftop, right inside?”
The fat man stood outside the iron gate. I looked into the crack in the door, but couldn’t see anything clearly.
“This is a rumor in the school. No one knows if it is true or not. I will open the chain first and verify the rumor in the cubicle. By the way, I will see if there is anything unclean inside.”
After I finished speaking, I walked forward and used The key opened the iron lock, the heavy chain slowly pulled down, and the iron door opened again. A road leading to the rooftop appeared in front of him. I lead the way up. The passage was dark, and the stone steps were covered with moss. It was obviously very damp. The air is not good either, and the smell mixed with the smell of rust makes me uncomfortable.
After walking for more than ten steps, we arrived directly on the rooftop. I looked around and saw no partitions, and I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.
“There are no compartments, what’s going on?”
the fat man asked.
“I don’t know either. Is this rumor false?”
I scratched my head and said.
“It’s false at first sight. What about Japanese people and rape and suicide? The more mysterious it is, the more false it is. Okay, okay. Let’s withdraw first and see if there are any other clues to investigate.”
/Fatty said He turned around and was about to leave, but at this moment Luo Qiong, who was standing next to him, suddenly shouted: “Wait a minute, there seems to be a problem here.”
Hearing this. The two of us hurried over and saw Luo Qiong squatting on the ground and gently tapping a steel plate with h