n, you will be my father unless my father beats you to death.”

n, you will be my father unless my father beats you to death.”
Mariana’s screams and off-duty roars suddenly sounded, and off-duty snaps were heard. After slapping Mariana twice, she suddenly realized that she was no longer in the natural demiplane
. After being stunned for a moment, Mariana slipped off her lap, rubbed her butt, and trotted all the way to the forest. Behind Yun.
/“Uncle Merlin, I ate the fruit you planted by the lake while off duty, and then you were going to beat me to shut up and stop me from snitching.”
“Damn, fart, little bastard, come here, I won’t beat you to death today. You and I are your father.”
Off-duty roared and rushed over. Lin Yun kicked him. Off-duty didn’t dare to resist, so he resisted for a while, and then Lin Yun’s foot hit the side of Off-duty’s calf. As soon as his body slipped, he almost fell down.
He controlled his magic power to maintain his balance, but he didn’t expect that his magic power was interfered with by this disgusting guy off duty. He fell to the ground with a plop,
a strong man at the seventh level of heaven, kicking someone . After falling down, Lin Yun stood up with a look of dismay on his face and pointed at the bloody lich at Off-duty,
“Have you seen that old mummy? Get rid of this old mummy, or you’ll be dead.”
Off duty didn’t think too much about it. He felt that Lin Yun must have been a little annoyed when he kicked him and fell. Now he looked around at the situation in hindsight. Ban was a little confused.
Especially the terrifying aura released by the bloody lich was far beyond Lin Yun’s. Ban Ban pointed at the bloody lich with a horrified look, and his voice changed a bit,
“Mr. Merlin, this. The old mummy is too strong, I am no match for him.”
Lin Yun patted Off-duty’s shoulder and pulled the mischievous Mariana over.
“Off-duty, that old mummy just looks stronger, and he entered here After that, we have to kill the old mummy before we can leave. We have been fighting that old mummy for a long time. Have you seen my teacher? And my senior uncle, they are all strong men similar to this old mummy.
But now, we are all seriously injured, and no one can take action. If you go to smash the old mummy, he will be waiting for you to twist his head off.
If you don’t go, then we may have to stay here for hundreds or even thousands of years. If this continues forever, you won’t be able to eat shit here even if you want to.” He
/said a few words to off-duty, and held on to off-duty. Slaughter is a bit wary. When fighting, this guy is quite brave, but it depends on the situation.
After the off-duty bloodline fusion, after advancing to the heaven level, it is like a terrifying extraordinary creature entering the growth stage. Sleeping every day can improve your strength, especially the strength of your body. It is almost like a god and demon like the Lord of Blood War. His body is terrifyingly powerful.
Although he is only at level 44 now, his body is already strong enough to resist one. Lin Yun even speculated that only a level 10 sin