the obsessive state.

the obsessive state.
But there are two problems at the moment. One is that I have gone crazy. It is impossible to return the Qi in Dantian to the sea of ??acupuncture points. If you insist on doing so, it will definitely cause tremendous pain. The second one is that I have to wait until the purple evil spirit in my Dantian is driven out, but now it seems that this will be a long battle.
/The Qi stored in the meridians returns little by little to the sea of ??acupoints. It was like someone was slowly cutting my skin with a knife, the pain was slow and constant. I was about to faint from the pain, but fortunately, the ice cubes prepared by Riyuro before me were still there.
Although I don’t know what it is like to have Ling Chi in ancient Chinese criminal law. But I might be able to experience something at this moment. My clenched teeth made a “clucking” sound, and I couldn’t even open my mouth to complain about the pain. As soon as I opened my mouth, I lost all my energy and energy.
“Brother Shan, we’ve run out of ice cubes.” Qian Liyulang came over carrying a full box of ice cubes, but it didn’t last long before it was all evaporated by the air I released from outside. But as soon as I ran out of ice, my head started to feel dizzy. Qian Liyulang said hurriedly: “Brother Shan, just wait, I will help you get some more, get more!”
/After that, he picked up the box and left. Sayazi ran away, leaving me alone to continue to think of ways to reverse the flow of breath.
At this moment, I know almost nothing about the outside world, and my head is getting more and more dizzy without the ice. At this moment, a few thugs that I had scared away before happened to pass by by chance. They had been scared away at first, but then they thought that if they ran away like this, they would definitely be in trouble by their boss, so they wanted to come back and see the situation. If things aren’t going well, then they stay and help. These people walked into the alley and were looking for a place to observe, but one of them saw me at a glance.
After he discovered me, he immediately notified the people around me. After all the thugs discovered me, they sneakily surrounded me. The former Riyurou is not around, otherwise this kid is really ignorant, you can just let go of the shikigami.
I don’t feel much about the outside world now, but the thugs on the other side didn’t dare to deal with me right away. I’m still observing. After all, I looked so scary before, with evil aura and golden light in my eyes. Are those characteristics that ordinary people can have?
As a result, several thugs observed and saw that something was not right with me. One of them suggested that if they could kill me, then holding my head would be a great achievement. Not only would the evil Onmyoji not trigger them, but they might be rewarded. But after all, I looked very powerful in killing everyone before, so they didn’t come closer. One of the thugs had a gun on him and raised it to point at me.
The people on both sides were still encouraging him,