s floated out of the puppets. I turned back and shouted to the fat man: ” It’s up to you!”

s floated out of the puppets. I turned back and shouted to the fat man: ” It’s up to you!”
The fat man in the divine attack state snorted, and strode into the room. The little ghosts appeared, and nearly ten little ghosts entangled the fat man’s body, and opened their big mouths to bite the fat man’s body. But it would not be an exaggeration to say that the fat man in the divine fighting state was made of copper skin and iron bones, and he didn’t care about these brats at all. According to the plan, he rushed straight towards the old woman in front of him.
“God beat me?”
The old woman had cultivated her heavenly eyes and could see the fat man’s current state, but she was not panicked at all.
The fat man dragging a dozen little devils is still very powerful. He rushed in front of the old woman, raised his hand, raised his fist, and smashed it down. The old woman sneered, stretched her hand forward, and hit the fat man’s philtrum with her nails. Unexpectedly, the fat man actually opened his mouth, and then the air in his mouth leaked out!
Fatty has never made this kind of mistake since he became proficient in using Shen Da. He understands the importance of this tone better than me. As long as the Qi is there, the Dharma Boy will be there. Once the anger is gone, the Dharma Boy will also go away, and he will become a mortal again!
The fat man must not have leaked this breath on purpose. There must be something wrong with that old woman’s finger just now!
I rushed forward with a shotgun and fired twice, frightening the little devil out of the fat man, and then pulled the sweating fat man back.
“What’s going on?”
I asked while being cautious.
“I don’t know, that old woman poked me in the penis and my anger was released. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. Damn, it’s so evil.”
/The fat man took a few breaths and said.
“You have only been practicing Divine Fighting for a short time. I have met masters of Divine Fighting in the past. They don’t rely on holding their breath to retain the gods in their bodies. Only beginners can rely on holding their breath to forcefully trap the invited ancestor gods in their bodies. “It’s very easy to deal with a beginner like you. After you let go of your anger, you will be like a waste.”
This is just experience suppression. To put it bluntly, they have eaten more salt than we have eaten. The original plan to go straight to Huanglong was ruined.
He handed the shotgun to the fat man, loaded the bullet quickly, and held the Tushan knife to protect us both.
“Now you must be thinking about how to escape. Let’s do this. The old woman will give you a chance. Each of you can pay 100,000 to buy your own life. How about that?”
She actually asked us for money at this time.
“Fuck, how can I give you so much money!”
The fat man cursed while changing bullets. “It’s
to lie. Didn’t you make a lot of money some time ago? You got a head monster and sold it for hundreds of thousands. I think a hundred thousand per person shouldn’t be expensive. After all, it’s your lif