ning. It was probably almost daytime when I walked back. I rubbed my eyes and felt really sleepy.

ning. It was probably almost daytime when I walked back. I rubbed my eyes and felt really sleepy.
There was no one on the street, and a few street lights were broken. I walked quickly against the wall, but a few figures vaguely appeared in front of me.
How could anyone be outside in the middle of the night? After experiencing so many things, at least my intuition told me that something was not right.
Putting my hands on my waist, the figure opposite me still looked blurry. Because of the poor lighting, I couldn’t even tell whether the person standing opposite me was a man or a woman. There is a distance of about one hundred to one hundred and fifty meters. This distance sounds not far, but in reality, the other party is almost a small dot to the human eye.
I slowed down and shouted, “My friend across the way, are you walking at night so late?”
What I’m afraid of is not that the other person is a robber or a vagrant, but what I’m really afraid of is that the other person is someone else. Clean stuff.
But at this moment, one of the several figures in the distance took a few steps forward.
“Hey. Where do friends come from? Haha.”
I shouted with a smile.
But just as I finished speaking, a street lamp next to me suddenly exploded, and the light bulb shattered instantly. The sound of the explosion startled me. His face changed. The surrounding atmosphere changed drastically, and a gloomy black atmosphere flowed on the ground. I pulled out the Tushan knife suddenly, knowing that the other party must be evil.
A street lamp on the other side was also broken, and the electric arc made a “hissing” sound after jumping. The broken glass on the ground reflected a strange light, pale yellow, like the afterglow of a street lamp that had not yet dimmed.
/Some small roads in Shanghai in the 1980s are actually very similar to the streets in Hong Kong. There are a lot of advertisements, some of them are high-end ones with neon lights, and most of them are just a large drawing board or even a rag and a large piece of paint on the wall.
“Hey, the person opposite is a human or a ghost! Say something!”
I shouted.
The surrounding glass made a strange noise. I subconsciously stepped back, but the black energy on the ground suddenly rushed up and entangled my feet. At first, I thought this black energy was Yin energy, and I chopped it with the Tushan knife a few times, but there was no reaction at all.
/It’s not Yin Qi! What could that be? My heart beat faster. At this moment, the glass on the ground actually floated up. Several pieces of broken glass were slowly spliced ??together. A strange face vaguely appeared in the pale yellow light above. At first glance, it looked like It was a human face, but under the flickering light, this human face gradually turned into a skull shape. The glass was getting closer and closer to me, almost pressing on my face. The skeleton above opened its mouth and roared at me, which was silent but even more terrifying.
I raised the Tushan knife and slashed it hard