t be killed with a gun.”

t be killed with a gun.”
“Shut up!”
/I was scolded as soon as I opened my mouth. The man who turned into a zombie was no longer bleeding. On the contrary, he was green. The area covered by spots has spread to his whole body, and the length of the canine teeth has grown at least twice as long as before.
The man roared and rushed over, faster than before. He knocked down one of the armed police comrades, then opened his mouth and bit him. The sharp canines pierced the opponent’s throat, desperately sucking blood. I saw the complexion of the attacked armed police comrade turn from rosy to black gray in a few seconds, and his body slowly deflated like a deflated rubber ball.
“Ah! Ah!”
The roar triggered a third round of shooting, with bullet casings all over the floor. This time, the guy was finally beaten into pieces.
And when I squatted aside and saw this scene, I was extremely shocked. This is the real zombie. The one we killed under Xuanming Temple was simply weak. It takes three rounds of shooting and at least hundreds of bullets to kill it! This is comparable to a company!
/Fatty, Luo Qiong, and I were taken out of the restaurant. In the interrogation room of the Public Security Bureau, I had my head lowered and my hands and feet were tied with chains. Above his head is a flickering lightbulb. The flickering light made my eyes hurt. At this time, the iron door was opened and someone walked in. I took a quick look and saw that he was a middle-aged man wearing a suit and tie. Some of the bald men wore thick glasses and carried a boxy briefcase.
After sitting down, I smiled and said, “Who are you?”
He pushed up his glasses, glanced at me and said, “Do you think it’s funny?”
In my opinion, those who dress like this are usually clerks. My temper should be a bit cowardly, but I didn’t expect that the other person stunned me as soon as he opened his mouth and spoke in a very unfriendly tone.
“Who are you?”
I asked after putting away my smile.
“Zhong Yong and I are colleagues.”
He said after putting down his briefcase.
Now I knew in my heart that the organization behind Zhong Yong valued me particularly for some reason. They would definitely find a way to send someone to fish me out this time I came in.
“My surname is Situ, and I was sent to deal with crimes like yours. In my opinion, you were very passive when you were released from prison and bailed and had a series of incidents related to murder cases. Let’s not mention the last case. It was our organization that asked you to intervene. But this time you and your little brothers drew guns in public and attracted zombies. This is difficult to deal with. You know how many people we need to help. Will you wipe this ass?”
He looked at me and said with a displeased look on his face.
“It’s not our fault this time. I don’t know how he turned into a zombie. Besides, when dealing with this kind of monster, you will inevitably encounter people watching. You can’t let the horse run without letting the horse run. Eat grass.”
My face turned