ou’s body!”

ou’s body!”
The fat man pointed forward and shouted.
After taking a closer look, I realized that Yu Monkey was surrounded by strange black energy at this moment. This black energy was like a rope binding its body. Yu Monkey didn’t move because it didn’t want to move, but because it couldn’t move! After struggling for a long time, a low growl came from his mouth. Yanying’s monkey rushed forward to help but to no avail. The black energy came suddenly and slowly formed a head. When I looked carefully, I saw that the head had a terrifying face. The ghost was not destroyed, but changed its body and trapped the monkey!
“Ah! Ah!”
The two monkeys screamed incessantly, but the trapped monkey couldn’t break free. The ghostly body that looked like smoke was stronger than the steel rope.
/“It’s over now for Yu Hou. I didn’t expect it. In the end, Piao Sui was even better. When will we take action?”
Zhong Yong asked with a sigh.
“Wait, now is not the time for us to take action.”
I shook my head and said.
As soon as he saw Yuhou being subdued, Old Man Laoshan immediately sneered and led his men up to surround him. He clapped his hands and said, “Awesome, he is indeed a master of the Yao tribe. If this evil ghost is used against us, I’m afraid you can’t resist it. However, you are too stupid. You have already played your most powerful trump card, so why don’t you give it to us?”
Zhu Chong looked back at him sideways, and then looked at the scattered things on the ground. The lying body remained unmoved.
“Haha, I don’t want to embarrass you. You should be able to see the current situation without me saying more. Leave Yuhou alone, and I will spare your life.”
The old man is actually not that kind, but he is just afraid that he will fight to the death. Everyone Don’t be too absolute with what you say. Leave a way for the other party to survive, and you can also benefit.
Unexpectedly, he opened his mouth and revealed a sneer.
“What are you laughing at?”
the old man asked with a frown.
“You are so young, but you have no brains.”
He said coldly. As soon as he finished speaking, the old man suddenly screamed. Looking back, Mr. Li actually inserted his hand into the old man’s abdomen and made a big hole!
“Holy shit! What’s going on!”
the fat man said in surprise.
We were also stunned. Mr. Li’s hand that penetrated the old man’s body turned out with white bones. As Zhong Yong said, the art of bone armor is his specialty. A bone blade that is sharper than a knife blade can pierce an old man’s body with ease.
After pulling out his hand, the old man clutched his stomach and collapsed on the ground. The men next to him hurriedly supported his body. The old man pointed at Mr. Li and shouted, “You, what are you doing?”
“Can’t you see? This is a plan to destroy you.”
Mr. Li sneered and shook off the blood on his hand.
“You and Ba Zou formed an alliance early on, right? Haha, it’s ridiculous that I fell into your trap!”
/The old man covered his stomach, and he could vaguely see his exposed intestines