Shenzhou Technology products from the sales list of China Overseas Electronics and replace them with Gulf products. Bay brand.

Shenzhou Technology products from the sales list of China Overseas Electronics and replace them with Gulf products. Bay brand.
At 17:30, half an hour before China Overseas closed its business, witnessed by several media, the number of customers received by China Overseas once again set a new record.
The Wanwan Department finally showed its true strength in front of everyone…
the same time, Xiaohe West Road.
As soon as the luxurious Mercedes-Benz stopped on the roadside, Ding Tao hurriedly got out of the car and walked towards the Audi A8 with three 2’s in front of him.
Seeing the sweat on Ding Tao’s forehead, Zhao Song frowned:
“You’re already a boss, how are you in such a hurry?”
Ding Tao smiled bitterly and shook his head. He was too lazy to talk to the boss who was running around and reported directly to the business:
“Zhongguancun Holdings, Tesla, The most elite financial personnel of the three Shenzhou companies have been gathered together, and Aunt Wen is in charge.”
Ding Tao glanced at the documents in his hand and continued, “Aunt Wen estimates based on the existing data, whether it is Bayji Electric or those terminal factories, there will be more. There is a lot of room for price reduction.”
“That’s for sure.”
Zhao Song nodded affirmatively, “I need to know how much room there is tomorrow morning.”
“It should be about the same time,”
Ding Tao said and put his hand on it. On the door handle, everyone in the Zhao Song department was very busy on this critical matter, “By the way.”
When he opened the car door, he turned around and said, “The directors of Shenzhou asked me to tell you that board and card products are reducing costs. Before the price is reached, there is no need for your personal subsidy, and all losses will be borne by Shenzhou!”
/Zhao Song asked with interest, “Will they be so kind?”
/Ding Tao looked at him in surprise: “You didn’t know?
“What should I know?” ”
The PHS is selling like crazy, and we received another big order this morning.”
Zhao Song pondered for a moment and said something in Ding Tao’s ear. , and then let him go.
Ten minutes later, the official website of Shenzhou Technology Group issued a simple announcement. There was no official downgrade or promotion notice, just a simple announcement.
At this time, there were only 15 minutes left before Zhonghai went out of business.
“The CPU is going to be Pen4 800, and the motherboard is 815 SE. Man, are you sure you don’t have Huashi?”
A young college student in Lao Feng’s store at Zhonghai explained to the clerk seriously.
“No, no matter how big the promotion is by Huashi, you can’t find it in the national market.” “Then
to Gigabyte. It’s a big first-line manufacturer and an old brand. Just put the name on it and you can use it with confidence.” After that, the college student confirmed to the clerk again, “Are you sure that Gigabyte is also at the promotional price of 990?”
The clerk was helpless and nodded to this ques