after finishing this period.”

after finishing this period.”
“So I’m here.” Professor Liu took out a few He handed the question paper to him, “While you have time today, do it quickly.”
Zhao Song stared at the test paper helplessly and begged for mercy: “Professor, don’t they all say that regardless of the Raven or Webster standards, the purpose of the IQ test is to detect people Am I a fool?”
Professor Liu: “Am I a fool to let you do useless work?”
Zhao Song:
After 10 minutes, there were only two people on the blanket, Professor Liu and Zhao Song. The three girls were not as shameless as Zhao Song. Dealing with the enthusiastic fans gave the two just enough private space.
At this time, Professor Liu raised his head and said solemnly: “Zhao Song, ordinary people answer questions from the question bank and get high and low scores. This is normal.
/But you are different. The questionnaires for the past three years have been specially issued for you. , Although the scores are different, look at this regular curve. ”
Zhao Song stared at the rising curve and asked: “What’s the problem?”
“The current accepted view in psychology is: IQ is related to genes and nurture. It has something to do with your training. Think about your performance in recent times: when everyone thought you couldn’t handle it, you did your job perfectly. Combined with this unscientific test, you can What didn’t you expect?”
“You mean,” Zhao Song asked hesitantly, “my genes are changing?”
“What are you thinking about?” Professor Liu patted Zhao Song in a funny way, “I suggest you have more physical examinations this year. Do a head examination.”
“Oh~” Zhao Song nodded in disappointment, and then asked reluctantly, “Is it really a mutation?”
Professor Liu waited for him strangely: “Zhao Song, I didn’t expect what you were thinking in your heart. There is such a contradiction with what we are doing.”
“What’s the matter?” Zhao Song curled his lips, “Crazy Qiao still believes in a certain religion. There are not too many executives in technology companies who play metaphysics.”
After complaining, Zhao Song suddenly lowered his voice and asked expectantly: “Professor, do you think there is such a possibility: one day, an ‘ordinary person’ like me will be selected by something and then become the protagonist? The whole world is playing games with me?”
Professor Liu stared at him and said speechlessly: “Zhao Song, I have a complete self, and all my happiness and sadness come from life. With my family, I believe that the vast majority of people in the world are like me and have nothing to do with you! ”
Zhao Song looked confused and muttered to himself: “Then how could this happen?”
Professor Liu seemed to have thought of something and asked incredulously: “Zhao Song, that one was criticized by the project team. Was it you who issued the most boring instruction last year? ”
/“Conduct feasibility analysis reports on “Love in Intertwined Time”, “Record of Qin Dynasty”, “Floating Life in the Late Han Dynasty”, etc.”
He gestured, The invisible ma