, he was mentally prepared for this.

, he was mentally prepared for this.
As long as the benefits are sufficient, even if a saint from the Yuanshi Realm targets him, he may not dare to take risks.
After killing the two most powerful chaos demons, Zhang Jian turned his attention to the other ‘infected’ chaotic creatures.
Without the threat of the three Chaos Demon Gods, these chaotic creatures are nothing more than ‘experience babies’ to him!
Thinking that he had been written down by the other party, Zhang Jian had no worries at all.
“I’m not welcome!”
Holding the Emperor’s Golden Spirit Sword in his hand, he rushed straight towards some chaotic creatures that were rapidly approaching the battlefield.
Dazzling golden light erupted from this area in an instant.
There were no earth-shattering battles.
Some are only one-sided battles.
It’s like cutting wheat.
Wherever the Kaihuang Golden Spirit Sword passed, even chaotic creatures equivalent to those of the third-level Taoist Master were killed with one sword and turned into sacrifices.
/Zhang Jian went on a killing spree in this area.
Not far away from this long river of chaos!
In a chaotic slow flow area, a chaotic land is hidden here.
This chaotic land is not large in scale, but it is covered by a piece of chaotic light.
There is also a huge chaos stone monument standing at the door.
On the stone tablet, there is a line of special fonts called Kaitianyin.
Chaos Market No. 9 in Gengchen District.
Different from the Chaos Market that Zhang Jian encountered before, this Chaos Market is full of aura, and the Chaos Market is quite lively. There are many creatures trading in front of the stalls, buying things born in the heavens and the world. Some special products, and at the same time, some heavenly materials and earthly treasures bred in the ocean of chaos origin in the hands, and even chaotic exotic treasures are exchanged and turned into favorite things.
There are secrets, elixirs, secret records of formations, and even immortal treasures, spiritual treasures, etc.
Deep in the Chaos Market, there is also a tyrannical immortal god sitting at this time.
In front of the counter, this immortal god was surrounded by misty fairy light, but his energy was extremely strong.
He has a five-willow long beard on his chin and has an immortal Taoist bone all over his body. He is a strong man in the Central Heavenly Court, a third-level Taoist in the sequence of fourteen.
And it’s not an ordinary third-turn Taoist.
In the past, he was also a tyrannical emperor in heaven who suppressed the ten directions of heaven and earth. He conquered all directions and made outstanding achievements.
/Because he was quite interested in the development of the Ocean of Chaos Origin, he took the initiative to apply to enter the Ocean of Chaos Origin and became the Lord of Immortal Square, coordinating the layout of hundreds of Chaos Markets established by Heaven in the depths of the Ocean of Chaos Origin.
Of course, I also want to use the special resources deep in the ocean of chaos to