Song nodded: “That’s true. “

Song nodded: “That’s true. ”
Nicholas, I hope you can continue to be so confident.”
Madman Qiao stood up, patted Zhao Song on the shoulder, and sighed:
“Reading your story is like watching two people.”
One is an ordinary boy before college.
The other is a phoenix after college.
Nicholas, this world needs people like us to lead, but it seems that my body has been cursed . Something went wrong, so ”
Zhao Song frowned: “Maybe you should go to the Tesla Center in the flower garden. There is a home where one of my investors has invested.”
Crazy Qiao shook his head and patted Zhao Song on the shoulder again: ” I’m glad to have an opponent like you. I hope my troubles won’t happen to you. ”
“No.” Zhao Song said confidently, but secretly, he gritted his teeth and cursed: “As long as you don’t die, I will cause trouble for you. My heart will never let go! ‘
“A very wonderful press conference, exactly like the one in my dream, Nicholas, goodbye.”
“Goodbye, Mr. Steve Jobs.”
Zhao Song didn’t get up until the man disappeared, just like he did 8 years ago. Same thing, kick that chair.
Maybe a gentle pat would be more in line with his current status and situation, but Zhao Song just wanted to kick it!
Ding Tao, who was seeing off the guests, saw this scene and stepped forward quickly.
/“They’re all sent away?”
“No, they’re all left to Allen.” Ding Tao looked at the unrecognizable chair and asked worriedly, “Is there any trouble?”
“Probably” Zhao Song pondered, and then asked , “How is the pre-sale result?”
“It’s beautiful!” Ding Tao said excitedly, “Not only the pre-sale, but before I came back, I looked at the door of the Silicon Valley flagship store and there was already a long queue.”
Zhao Song nodded He held his head and thought calmly. He held it down and paced back and forth while asking:
“If, I mean if, Tesla encounters trouble in the future, in what direction will it be?
” Tao thought for a long time and shook his head in confusion.
“Accounting period!”
At this time, Alan Eustace came over and said with certainty: “The accounting period in one month will be the time when Tesla’s cash flow is at its lowest!”
/Ding Tao: ” “So”
Allen: “So if I were an enemy, I would definitely postpone the auction until one month later, and then set a payment time during the auction!”
“It seems,”
Zhao Song murmured, “I am destined to not be able to participate.” It’s the opening ceremony.”
For some reason, he looked up at this moment, but unfortunately there was nothing there except the gorgeous roof.
At this moment, a strong uneasiness arose in his heart.
Not because of that auction.
Nor is it because of the Olympic opening ceremony.
But something indescribable:
Capital City, Sunset District, World Trade Center.
As the flagship business district of the CBD West District, it is close to top office buildings such as China World Trade Center and Kerry Center. In addition to its European-style architecture and elegant environment, it is most famous for its global design b