“What the fuck~” The little bully also lowered his head and muttered through gritted teeth, “In normal times, I would blame the girl for everything.”
It’s a pity that they are only small roles, and the wine No one at the table cared about their feelings and questions.
Everyone echoed Director Gou’s laughter and turned a blind eye to Director Gou’s rudeness until Aoshan and Li Xian made any reaction.
Suddenly, the door was kicked open, and a person who could not possibly be here walked in.
Everyone stood up.
Yu Bianbian was also pulled aside by the little bully.
For Tesla, this is a very small project. A vice president like Qin Han would not even take a look at it. Tesla’s appointment of a marketing director is considered a favor to Director Gou.
But who is not the two great gods? Who makes Tesla’s marketing department weak?
“Hey~ It’s so lively. I have no words and no education. Do you want to kill me to help this big dog brother?”
He ran away.
It was the embarrassed Director Gou who left the last impression on Yu Bianbian and Xiao Bawang.
Just like what Director Gou said before, ‘Mr. Zhao’s’ business is difficult to do because he can’t squeeze out the oil and water. Since there is no oil and water, why should he stay here and wait to humiliate himself~
In fact, he thinks too much, that’s all he is The role is not even qualified for Zhao Song to pretend to be slapped in the face.
Li Xian was right. It was worry-free to do business with Mr. Zhao, and no profit was squeezed out. Director Gou was also relieved, because the project would eventually be signed to Tesla as an apology, and there would be no subsequent troubles.
Since the young richest man wants to be a good parent who protects his employees, a good parent will never let his child’s reputation be ruined.
That’s all for today.
/As for whether Director Gou will hold a grudge?
If he could clearly understand Zhao Song’s identity, the most important thing to do is to pray that Zhao Song would not hold grudges.
The banquet scene was very quiet.
Except for Xiao Bawang and Yu Bianbian, who had cats on their side, all the employees in the marketing department had their heads lowered.
Zhao Song ignored them, but glared at the overlord fiercely:
“How did you get in?”
His calm and scary tone made Yu tremble, not to mention the overlord. Zhao Song at this time was completely different from the one during the pedicure. They were two different people. A person who is humorous and modest makes people very approachable, and a person who is driven by a high-end chariot and horse is unreachable.
“I called Sister Xiaoyu.”
That’s it. The only one who has the ability to let two idle people sneak into the new department that she values ????incomparably, besides herself, is that crazy girl.
Zhao Song stopped paying attention to this boy and turned a blind eye to Yu Bianbian. He was invisible. This beautiful girl had been thoroughly investigated before she met him that day. Zhao Song could even guess how sh