y fight with it at close range. When fighting at close range, Mist Armor will be bitten by it from time to time.

y fight with it at close range. When fighting at close range, Mist Armor will be bitten by it from time to time.
The damage to the fog armor allowed Liu Gan to fire out super moon blades continuously. After a few super moon blades passed by, the crocodile-headed monster was soon killed to the ground, and then Liu Gan urged Wan’er to continue moving forward. But Wan’er’s speed really left him speechless. He could only advance more than ten meters in one minute. A minute later, the killed crocodile-headed monster got up from the ground again, and then harassed him tenaciously and annoyingly again. Liugan.
Liu Gan had no choice but to fight with the crocodile-headed monster again. It took him a few minutes to kill it again. The team members tried to throw the crocodile-headed monster’s head far away, but it was useless. , when the time is up, the crocodile-headed monster’s body will quickly gather together, get up from the ground and continue to attack Liu Gan.
/In this way, Liu Qian escorted Wan’er who was moving forward at a fast pace, while fighting the extremely annoying crocodile-headed monster over and over again. Liu Qian was about to collapse after completing this task, but he didn’t want to give up even after reaching this point, so he could only fight the crocodile-headed monster over and over again.
In this way, he fought with the crocodile-headed monster for a few minutes, killed it, and then used the hard-earned minute to lead Wan’er forward for a short distance. Then the crocodile-headed monster came to life again, and Liu Qian once again Spend a few minutes fighting it, knocking it to the ground again, then walk forward for another minute.
It was such a short journey to the public toilet that Liu Qian and his team members walked for more than half an hour without being able to walk across it. But after killing the crocodile-headed monster for the eighth time, the crocodile-headed monster got up from the ground again and its whole body turned blood red!
What’s happening here? Could it be that after killing it eight times, it would transform into a second form?
Interesting, maybe this thing can really be killed?
As expected, the crocodile-headed monster with blood all over its body was much stronger than before, with its speed and attack power at least twice as high as before. It was very difficult for Liu Qian to deal with it.
I was able to dodge its attacks before, but now I can’t dodge them. Almost every attack of this crocodile-headed monster scratches and bites Liu Qian’s fog armor. The crocodile-headed monster frequently damaged Liu Qian’s fog armor, causing Liu Qian’s anger gauge to be full almost all the time, so Liu Qian desperately threw the super moon blade at the crocodile-headed monster.
What Liu Qian didn’t expect was that all the super moon blades he fired were dodged by the crocodile-headed monster! This feeling of emptying makes people very annoyed and depressed. Fortunately, the Super Moon Blade can be released at any time now. When the anger gauge is full again, Liu Gan