the best way.

the best way.
They can release the power of the demon star outside the world to the greatest extent.
/In Zhang Jian’s eyes, the magnificent sword energy was cut down, but it was interfered by the power of countless spaces in the sub-demon space. When it entered the demon body, the sword energy was only a little bigger than the chopsticks, and was clamped by the two fingers of the demon body. , easily broken.
“Because you are the first little bug to meet me, I will give you a chance to become a demon!”
But on the demon altar, the demonic figure quickly formed seals with his hands in front of him, and after a moment, a series of essences appeared The demonic light circulated around him, expanded in an instant, and quickly filled the entire sub-demon space.
An invisible magic light struck at all the apertures all over the body of the Hedao True Lord.
It was obviously a series of transcendent magic of the heart type.
This is the demon eroding the soul.
Visible to the naked eye, the whole body of this True Lord of Hedao was instantly filled with boundless demonic energy. The Taoist body was rapidly becoming demonized, and demonic light began to emerge from the depths of his soul. At the same time, several rays of pure fairy light emerged from the depths of the Palace of Life between his eyebrows. , it seemed to be a Dao Heart-type defensive Yuan Shen Immortal Technique, but under the overwhelming light of the Heavenly Demon Stars, it was like a flickering candle in an instant.
Zhang Jian sighed when he saw this. He knew he had to take action.
/He originally hoped to use the True Lord of Hedao to further explore the details of this demon fetus.
But that’s about it for now.
Zhang Jian thought for a while and decided to give this devil a hard blow.
As he thought, a golden light merged with his whole body.
The majestic king and golden man appears.
In an instant, the yin and yang energy flowing around the King Jun Jinren’s body was like a black and white sharp blade.
Wherever the innate Liang Yi Yuan Magnetic Extinction Divine Light passed, a large area of ??sub-demon space collapsed, blocking the starlight of the Heavenly Demon Star above the head, directly covering the Demon Fetus above the Heavenly Demon Altar, and struck down with a fierce palm.
The violent force came, and a faint light flashed in the dark pupils of the demon fetus on the demon altar that day, and finally there was a trace of dignity on the childish face.
“Destroy the dead souls!”
Suddenly, a blazing black-gold light appeared behind his head. The black-gold light expanded, and behind him emerged a demonic figure that covered the sky and the sun. A great destruction and great darkness emerged. , many people in the entire Sanyuan Town fainted at this moment, as if their souls were being absorbed into the body, and wanted to be incorporated into the body of the Heavenly Demon Yuan.
Fortunately, the sharp blade of Liangyi has arrived deep in the sky.
The two collided violently, but they saw the blazing demonic light touc