up a blow. It’s just to save the situation, don’t let him take advantage of it, kill, kill, kill…”

up a blow. It’s just to save the situation, don’t let him take advantage of it, kill, kill, kill…”
/After her reminder, the other Taoist priests around saw clearly the human upper body and snake lower body that climbed up from the sinkhole. The monster’s body was cracked with countless tiny scars, and there was a little blood on the corner of its mouth, which clearly indicated that it had been seriously injured.
Thinking that the enemy was in such a mess but still frightened them, these Taoists couldn’t help but feel a little ashamed.
“What Senior Sister Lu said is true. I don’t know what kind of monster the thief has used sorcery to transform into a monster. Now he is using it to make a mystery. Don’t worry about it. Just use a spell to kill it.” An old Taoist became even more angry after he woke up. Turning red, he screamed strangely and flew into the air. He kneaded the secrets with both hands and pumped out immeasurable real fire from his dantian, then opened his mouth and sprayed it towards the monsters.
“This ‘injection’ of true fire is the result of ten years of hard work by junior brother. We brothers are collectively known as ‘Plum Red and Bamboo Green’. Since you have risked your life, senior brother, I can only accompany you…” The fire-breathing old man A Taoist with a short beard and handsome appearance next to him smiled casually when he saw him using his killing move. His body shook and thousands of blue light spots emitted from the three hundred and sixty-five ‘holes’. .
The little bits of green light entered the ground and turned into seeds, instantly sprouting countless slim bamboos. In an instant, they grew to three feet and three inches. They all broke out of the ground and turned into a torrent of bamboo swords in the sky, stabbing at the enemy.
Looking down at the Taoist disciples who were risking their lives one by one and using the trick of pressing the bottom of the box, Zhang Lisheng smiled faintly and coldly spit out the words “Water.”
In an instant, huge waves were set off on the sea that had been imprisoned by the ‘Three Killings and Three Essential Techniques’. Water vapor filled the island. Thick water flows condensed in the void and flooded the sky. After that, they washed over the young man like the Milky Way hanging upside down. .
With the help of infinite water power, Zhang Lisheng swam his body and rushed into the sky. When he left the ground, he brought up countless mud and rolled the water around his body. In an instant, the thousands of scars all over his body disappeared without a trace.
/The power displayed by the enemy has repeatedly exceeded the imagination of Taoist disciples.
After witnessing the evolution of the ancient witch descendant into a snake-bodied monster, he first effortlessly broke through the “Three Killings and Three Essential Techniques” in one of the fundamental Taoist codes, the Yin Fu Jing, and used the foundation of human immortality to The ‘Confinement Technique’ healed all of their own wounds in the blink of an eye, leaving all the