ks and got the opportunity to set foot in the ‘Raging Sea’.

ks and got the opportunity to set foot in the ‘Raging Sea’.
Although the situation in the ‘Raging Sea’ might be more bizarre than he expected, Zhang Lisheng couldn’t help but show uncontrollable joy on his face after leaving the hall.
Chapter 522: Predictions come true.
“Your token is quite barbarian style.” Yaji took the wooden sculpture, looked at it, carefully put it away, her mood improved, and she said in a very educated manner. : “The fleet sailing to the ‘Ragey Sea’ will set off in seven days, and I will personally lead the team.
/The night before departure, a dinner will be held in accordance with the customs of ‘Heinhaiman City’. As a companion who goes to sea together, you must come then. .”
/In the dimly lit corridor, leaving Rumorucci Yaji, who turned gloomy after looking at her, accidentally caught a glimpse of the proud smile of the black-haired young man next to her. She felt irritated in her heart. She frowned slightly and said, “Congratulations on fulfilling your wish, Mr. Li Sheng. Then should you fulfill your wish next?” We have made an agreement with our Golden Velvet Flower Trading Company. ”
Hearing the unhappiness hidden behind the woman’s plain tone, Zhang Lisheng was confused for a moment, but had no intention of exploring. He directly took out a thumb-sized wooden sculpture of a demon god with a human upper body and a snake lower body from his arms, and handed it to the woman, “Miss Yaji , this is my promise.”
“I’m looking forward to it very much.” Since the host tactfully issued the eviction order, the young man naturally bowed and said goodbye politely, “I’ll say goodbye to Miss Yaji today.”, turned around and walked away. .
Looking at Zhang Lisheng’s back that quickly disappeared around the corner of the stairs, Yaji silently opened the folding fan, covered her mouth, and murmured with deep eyes: “Rumorucci, this pig is getting more and more presumptuous with me. We can’t always rely on Adalu’s reputation to suppress his dirty ideas, we still have to find a way once and for all.
This Excellency Zhang Lisheng doesn’t look innocent either. He comes from a ‘foreign continent’ and is obsessed with pioneering biology. Hmm, he looks like that The businessman who is good at acting looks like a scholar. He doesn’t study so many weird animals in the Green Leaf Continent, but he is trying his best to get to the ‘Raging Sea Area’. What is weird here…” Although he
prides himself on being smart, but The complicated and powerful relationships and the confusing people’s hearts still leave women at a loss. After thinking about it, they can only hold the mentality of “the boat will be straightened out when it reaches the bridge”. She tried her best to do what she was supposed to do, but three days later, a huge caravan consisting of more than 200 merchant ships was actually gathered by her in the harbor outside Haiyinhaiman City.
Three more days later, there were exquisite gold and silver vessels and beautiful works of art. Smell-smelling spices, luxurious battle armor and other valu