g only a trusted lawyer shows the greatest respect for federal freedom.” “

g only a trusted lawyer shows the greatest respect for federal freedom.” ”
/Then what do you think my purpose of meeting you is? What is it?”
Seeing that his guest was playing a charade with him, Zhang Lisheng also answered in circles: “It is said that the manufacturing of the most powerful conventional weapon in the Federation, the mechanical warrior, is inseparable from gold.
And gold is very magical in everything. The ‘world’ that humans can set foot in is a very scarce mineral. The humans here do not specifically refer to us earthlings. Am I right, Mr. Philips?” “It’s not just the
transmission part of the mechanical warrior, the space carrier The power engines, the newly discovered room-temperature superconducting alloys, and many other cutting-edge military equipment and materials also consume a lot of gold.
Humanity needs gold to continue civilization, and the federation needs gold to defend the country…” Listen to the black-haired young man beside you point out tactfully. Knowing his purpose, Philip looked into his eyes, stopped beating around the bush, and interrupted his words in a straightforward tone.
/“I would like to remind you, Mr. Philips, Dr. Li Sheng does not have any obligations towards federal freedom now,” Edward on the other side emphasized at the same time: “If you have a purely asking mentality, then our conversation will not be complete at all. There is no need to continue.”
“Yes, Mr. Philips, Lawyer Edward said what I thought.”
Hearing the two opponents singing and performing without leaving any room, Philips knew that his best plans had been shattered, and he was silent for a while. , asked directly with a cold voice: “Then what do you want, doctor?”
“You should know that my gold comes from a powerful native tribe in the ‘Sea Shrimp World No. 2’. I think I and that The complex relationship between the indigenous tribe named Wu Li must have been explained in the information you collected before meeting me. At
that time, the other world was demonized into purgatory by aliens with evil intentions, and the humans living there seemed to be It’s an evil spirit…” Tu Qiong saw that Zhang Lisheng was speaking slowly and eloquently, hinting at his intentions in a verbose way.
Chapter 634: Pictures and Daggers Seen (Part 2)
Unfortunately, it turns out that even if those humans in other worlds are not evil spirits, they are almost the same. It is impossible for earthlings to become compatriots with devils. ”
Mr. Philips, wisdom allows humans to break away from the category of ordinary animals and become advanced, but it also allows us to be divided into good and evil,” Zhang Lisheng smiled and said in a seductive manner: “The basis for distinguishing these two types of people is not the population. But thoughts.
The Mongol emperor in the Middle Ages once killed one-third of the population of the Eurasian continent. In the middle of the last century, the mustachioed leader of Germany sent millions of Jews to gas chambers to kill them and then made soap. Is it because of thei