trying to tear the void apart is even more impossible.

trying to tear the void apart is even more impossible.
Death seems to have become a necessity. At this time, thinking about his ambition feels extremely ridiculous. Zhang Lisheng has an inexplicable awareness in his mind, “The water element represents the initial germination of life; the earth element represents nurturing and Growth; the ability extended by fire and light is complete destruction, and destruction means the end of a cycle, and a new round of germination can begin…”
/This realization grew from the heart, and death seemed to no longer be scary. , the long-lost look of fear on his face gradually dissipated, and he slowly crushed all the more than two hundred faith gems remaining in his palm. Under the unprecedentedly thick light of faith, he headed towards the hottest and warmest place in his feeling. Fly away quickly.
At this moment, God Wu Li’s body, which was constantly being burned and radiated, was cracked and scorched, and the body of the true god, which was nourished by the power of faith, suddenly paused. The seriously injured and dying body healed everywhere, and continued to lengthen and change. Big, the scales on the body covered with patterns of mountains and rivers did not change at all, and were eventually burst by the swollen body.
/After the scaly skin broke from the spinal bones, it slowly faded away. First, a huge bare head swung violently and broke free from it, followed by the palms, body, and feet… At the same time,
hundreds of millions of kilometers away Thousands of statues and totem poles of gods and totem poles in the two worlds of Roman and Wu Li, separated by world barriers, are bound by some rules in the dark. At the same time, they light up three colors of red, earthy yellow and blue flames, which are in harmony with the power of faith that pervades the core of the sun. The mutual induction naturally opened two huge void cracks next to Zhang Lisheng.
“To evolve at this time, it’s really a desperate situation, a desperate situation…” Through the uncontrollable and irreversible evolutionary process of the ancient gods, Wu Li regained his sanity and got rid of the fatal crisis. After regaining consciousness, , recalling the ‘lost’ just now, he couldn’t help but murmured with lingering fear.
After escaping from death, he felt extremely lucky and satisfied. He no longer had the same ambition as before. Zhang Lisheng was about to escape when he suddenly found that the five colors bound by divine power in front of him had turned into liquid and merged with each other.
An idea flashed in his mind, and he hurriedly picked up the scales he had just shed, and pressed it against the ‘Leather World’. When the two merged with each other, the Kingdom of God suddenly became thicker and moister.
“Whether we can succeed or not depends on this moment…” Seeing this scene, God Wu Li clenched the leather world in surprise, murmured urgently, and with a sudden shake, he removed a creature covered with octagonal colored scales. ; There is a long, thin tail trailing behind it;