After a period of intense work, the giant tugboat finally secured the ‘Elizabeth Holiday’ with special cables and machinery. Then it slowly set sail under the escort of warships, pulling up the cruise ship and sailing towards the vast sea.
At the same time, there was a white classical English-style castle on Pennsylvania Northwest Avenue in Washington, District of Columbia, USA, consisting of a three-story main building and east and west wings.
In an oval-shaped office in the inner corridor of West Hebei, a total of seven people, three from the left and four from the right, are sitting around a rectangular desk, concentrating on the extremely clear image projected by the projector on the wall in front of them. .
That image should look like a sea map, with longitude and latitude and professional data such as wind intensity and surge height marked on it.
A very ordinary-looking old man wearing a crisp black suit with a nondescript copper bald eagle badge on his chest poked a circled block on the sea map with his finger and said loudly: “This is what I just said. area, everyone.
When searching for the missing Elizabeth Holiday last night, the US Coast Guard’s Dolphin discovered another ‘new world’ here.
Based on the last experience, the Navy has conducted many tests It proves that for some unknown reason, this circular area with an area of ??about sixteen square miles is now connected to another world, where there are oceans, islands, and probably continents…”
Columbus discovered in the Atlantic Ocean America, and we discovered two complete ‘worlds’ in the Atlantic Ocean, one of which is still off the coast of New York.” In the middle of the desk, there is a tall and thin middle-aged black man wearing a tailored gray suit and a deep gaze. , frowning and suddenly said: “This may be a shortcut for the United States to maintain a strong national power forever; it may also be a precursor to the destruction of mankind, whether it is due to the invasion of unknown civilizations or civil strife caused by competition for interests…
Bob, what should we do? Do? ”
Your Excellency, we know very little about everything in this new world. To be cautious, I can only suggest following the approach of the ‘Sea Shrimp No. 1 World’ and strictly seal off the sea area connecting this ‘world’…”
” This is easy to do, and you can do it for any reason. What is difficult to do is the more than a thousand people on the returning “Elizabeth Holiday”. We cannot isolate them forever for no reason.
If, as you said, most of those people are children, the country cannot sign a strict ‘confidentiality agreement’ with them…” ”
So we need your authorization, Mr. President, to cleanse the memories of everyone on this ship. ”
Hearing the suggestion from the Minister of Defense, the middle-aged black man opened his eyes suddenly, with a look of horror on his face, “Your Excellency, Minister of Defense, do you know what you are talking about!
/This is an abuse of state power, a trample on the U.S. Constitution and huma