serts that they came to their senses.

serts that they came to their senses.
After a while, Zhang Lisheng gradually calmed down and suddenly said: “I didn’t expect that there is such a strong person in our Chinese witchcraft. With such great ability, Counselor Zheng wouldn’t have lived in hiding before, right? ?”
“Isn’t that true? I heard that Consultant Zheng has long been the chief researcher of an institute under the Academy of Social Sciences. A serious division-level cadre is equivalent to a county magistrate.” ”
This will appease the next big witch!”
“More A big witch is no bigger than a missile and an atomic bomb. The country has manned spaceflight. What else do you want to do?”
Old man Xu’s words sounded very reasonable, but Zhang Lisheng still felt that something was wrong. He thought about it and suddenly asked: “Uncle , you are cultivating the land to sacrifice the door, right? How many witches have you broken through? What kind of witchcraft are
you using to get the land?” “You, you, man, why do you dare to ask such nonsense? You have no life-saving friendship, how can you ask this question? Okay!”
“I don’t think that since we are in a group, we all need to know each other better, do you understand?” Knowing that he had been carefully asking questions to get information from the old man’s mouth, but in the end he still violated the taboo, Mr. Zhang Si said covertly.
“What do you know? How do you understand such a thing? Even your leader Hu, who leads me on behalf of the country, doesn’t know what kind of witch my uncle is. He only knows some witchcraft. At most, he only knows my expertise. , why do you dare to ask directly.
Don’t you, your child, know nothing even if you are from a wild background?”
Seeing that he could no longer hide it, Zhang Lisheng had no choice but to tell the truth: “My family has been an old man from western Sichuan for generations, but these ‘witchcraft’ rules, My dad really doesn’t have much to teach…”
“No wonder you were so ecstatic after getting the authentic book. I thought you were as naive as I was when I was young, thinking that ‘man can conquer nature’…” A strange color appeared on Old Man Xu’s face, and then he fell into despair, “Forget it. , that is all a thing of the past.
/The boy and his scattered group walked downstairs. The door to the hotel lobby was tightly closed, and twenty or thirty people had gathered. There were people of all ages, but most of them were young people.
/Alas, I will teach you to be a good boy, don’t be arrogant, what a human being. Only when you are content can you always be happy. Seize this opportunity and live a peaceful life with public food from now on…”
Listening to the old man’s self-deceptive talk, Zhang Lisheng smiled noncommittally and didn’t say anything else until he finished the meal.
After leaving the restaurant, Old Man Xu took the boy to the activity room of his group. On the way, he warned: “Our team is divided into six groups in total. Each group has as few as four people and as many as six people. Our group There used to be five p