oes not mean the slightest disrespect to the great Wuli God.

oes not mean the slightest disrespect to the great Wuli God.
She just wants to follow Dr. Zhang and fulfill her duties, so…”
“Okay, General Monglia, I can understand the reason why Miss Allison is reckless,” the leader in the translation bowed slightly to the federal lieutenant general, Then he glared at the female major again, “But I hope she understands that the country is different from the one you live in. ‘Wuli’ is a land ruled by great gods, and you must not talk nonsense when it comes to matters of faith.
The momentum was taken away, and in desperation The senior federal officers could only leave the port closely behind the native translators. Zhang Lisheng was able to escape, and with brisk steps, he got into a beast cart surrounded by a group of handyman leaders and arrived at the port city built by the sea. In the deep temple in the center.
No one is praying in the empty temple at this time. There are only a few pools of clear springs with a faint sound of “gushing…” water, surging in the center of the temple, covered with scales. Under the statue of a god with a human head and a snake body.
The young man walked along the flat bluestone path to the statue that was more than 100 meters high and reached out to rub the cornerstone. A faint smile appeared on his face, and yellow, blue, and blue colors suddenly burst into the void behind him. The green and red flames caused the fountains in the surrounding pools to rise a hundred times, spraying water mist all over the sky.
“Great Wu Li, you are the eternal law of the world, in charge of the ubiquitous rules of nature and the mystery of evolution…
/Great Wu Li , the eternal faith in your and our hearts is the source of all authority on earth and in heaven…” In the devout prayers of the handyman leaders who were all kneeling on the ground, trying their best to keep their heads close to the wet ground, the water columns flying in the air slowly slowly The water condensed into a curtain of water, reflecting eight figures.
Those people were either bowing their heads in front of the case and handling government affairs;
/or they were teasing with beauties on the bed;
they were riding beasts and patrolling the city under the protection of countless elite warriors; or they were alone. Standing on a tall building and overlooking the magnificent mountains and rivers, I was startled by Zhang Lisheng’s cough with a smile in the temple. While the
other companions looked horrified and their bodies were obviously tense, an ugly-looking one among the eight people The thin native and an old man with white beard and hair came out of shock in the blink of an eye, and murmured in unison as if talking to themselves: “My great Majesty, are you calling me?
“Tugla, Tu’an, as expected you were the first to react. ” “The young man replied with a smile. A few seconds later, all the figures in the water curtain were prostrate on the ground.
“Oh, I just landed on Wuli Island in an earthly spaceship. Time is very tight, so I can only suddenly summon You guys,